Which yoyo?

Hello guys, this is my first post on the forum.
So, I’ve been convinced by my friends to audition for a casual performance if they subsidise my next 1A throw. Mainly because they want me to perform 1A. And they also wanted me to try something new instead of the usual YYF/YYJ/Duncan etc.
So I looked at reviews and found these 3 yoyos that I believe to be good for the $60 mark. Yoyofficer Hatchet, OneDrop Benchmark-H, RecRev @at. Would still like suggestions if possible. Thanks a lot. Keep in mind that I play very slack trick heavy if this affects the choice.

P.S. My current throw is my first metal, the YYF DV888, but it’s beat up so I need a new one unless I want to get scratched everytime I do grinds.

Edit: I will be using flowable silicon for response.

Benchmark H is a good choice. I’d get that. Super stable and fast.

would skip the @. Hatchet is gonna be faster but I’m not a fan of it’s response pads. It does have a better colorway for the $60 range. The Benchmarks are pretty awesome and the SE’s help with maintenance because if you ever strip the throw you can just swap them out. All 3 should be better than the dv888 so you should be good. Just be ready for a larger throw.

If you wanted something more in the dv888 size but with a more modern shape I’d check out the werrd minute.

Oh yes I forgot to add, I will be using my own silicone for the response so it doesn’t matter

Try a Shutter