Help aid my decisions!

Looking for a new throw. Want to move up from the shutter, which I’ve had for a year, and I love it, but I want to try something new.
Options I’ve considered:
YYO Hatchet
OD Gradient
One of the OD benchmarks

I don’t know much about these but I want something under the 100 dollar range. Also I’d like it to be very stable and decently fast playing. Especially curious on the Hatchet, I’d like to know more about it so if anyone has experience with it let me know how it performs.

I hear nothing but good things about the Aviator 2. I like my TooHot, but i wouldnt say its a step up from the Shutter. YYF makes alot of good throws in your price range, IMO you cant go wrong with most of their stuff.

Get a yoyofactory Cyborg 2.0 its the best.

Or you can get a 2 hot or Czech point.

Or aviator 2.

OD Benchmark H will be stable, and you can add lighter side effects to get your desired speed.