Price doesn't matter recommendation...

Ok, I got some dough and want to get some new gear and can’t decide. I’ll describe what I’m thinking and let you guys run with it and see where it goes. Price is no object.

To start, I love my shutter. I like how it plays much more than my DM2, so I was looking at things with similar size/shape/weight. I was thinking to go slightly undersized also (maybe the 54mm range?)

The list of possibilities I’m looking at spans a wide range of prices, materials, and shapes though. I was thing about doing 2 cheaper instead of one high dollar one also… Double the fun right?

Anyway, my list in order of when I added it to the list…

OD benchmark H
OD code 1
Werrd irony
YYF aviator
OD rally
sOMEThING addiction
YYF protostar
OD dietz
C3 speedaholic
Crucial AYCE

Well, that’s off the top of my head anyway. What do you think? All biases and feelings aside…

Laser ;).

I love the inony JP 2k13

That being said I think the draupnir is super fun and would also consider the anglam CC. If you want something slightly undersized I might look at the deadly spins wrath or puffin 2.

Any YYR is going to be good.
A Sleipnir or Dazzler if you can find them or a Laser if you want something easier to pick up.

You’ll be happy with any YYR though. There isn’t really any bad ones :wink:

Ti Walker

The Irony is the best thing on your list (IMO)

OD cascade

Scratch the Aviator and replace it with the tooHOT when it comes out. The Aviator honestly is ridiculously stable and heavy. Plays like a BTH lol. Thats my opinion. I much prefer the HOT, so the second one can only be better.

Aviator for me is the best yoyo from YYF. It is very stable, it feels very comfortable in my hand. The speed is actually very fast, you just have to work for it, I can play an Aviator way faster than H.O.T and even Shutter due to its maximum stability. Aviator is definitely with out a doubt on this list.

No Magnum? :wink:

Any of the mid-sized YYR throws would fit your purposes just fine. Poke around the BST and you can find a few YYR at decent prices thanks to the mystery boxes from last year.


Thanks for all the replies!

I’m still not sure what I’m going to end up getting :confused: I have added the cascade to the list though. It seems to fit the bill in size/weight.

I think I’ll sleep on it one more night and decide tomorrow.

In that list, the best choice is the yyf aviator. :smiley:

Well, I thought hard about it and eventually went with the cascade. I found a pretty cool colorway in stock somewhere and great reviews and I kinda like the side effects concept. I hope it plays as good as it looks. Thanks again for the replies. You guys helped narrow my choices down to a manageable few.