Next budget metal throw?

Hey guys, so I bought the shutter and its become my Main throw when i’m at home. I have a protostar and a Sage for plastics for on the go, I’m looking for another great budget metal throw at home for a different variety/look.

I want a full size throw (I have a maverick with a center track bearing as well so I don’t want undersized)

I would like a different shape than the shutter as well to see how the different shapes play in the full-size.

Thanks guys!

Too hot is killer. give it a try. Play’s nothing like the shutter.

CZM8 is also like completely different to Shutter. IT’s light and floaty
Horizon also, spins for days

I also recommend the YoyoFactory Too H.O.T., it’s amazing, at an amazing price. I can’t say it enough.

Well guys i found a used too hot and also a benchmark O which i picked up off the BST… so I’m pretty stoked i could get the Too HOT and also another one!

Let us know what you think of them when they arrive. Did you end up with a blasted TooH.O.T., or the polished one? The blasted is my favorite.

I was thinking about picking one of these up as well, which ones are blasted and which ones are polished?

Definitely pick up a TooH.O.T. Keep an eye out for the Golden Galaxy version, if you can find it still available. I like the way those feel the best. :wink: The prototype one was good and blasted too, but I think that’s sold out here. Basically, keep an eye on all the splashed versions. You’ll love those.