Need advice on a second yoyo

So I’ve been playing with the DV888 for about 4 months and I think I’m ready to drop some bigger bucks on a solid throw
I can handle the advanced section and I’m starting to get into the expert stuff. I like the feel of the DV but I understand it’s quite small and I want to get something a little closer to full size but still around 2 inches.

Also, the DV feels like a rock at the end of the string so I’m sort of used to pulling it through tricks and I’d like to ween myself off that, so I don’t want something floaty necessarily, but I’d like to know it’s there.

I’m prepared to spend ~$100

So basically, I’m looking for something with;

  • great spin time and stability, mainly for getting me through the harder trick tuts
  • Full size/slightly undersize
  • something that plays well at a slow pace but can handle speed once I get there
  • accepts flowable

Essentially, an all around good throw that can work with technical string tricks as well as stuff involving a lot of movement
A couple throws that have caught my eye (feel free to affirm or rebuke any of these based on what you think would be a good fit);

-monkeyfinger (the evil-yo particularly)
-some one drop stuff, I was originally going to go for the Dietz but I hear it performs a little better when it’s really moving so I dont know…
-Your standard YYF awesomeness

Thanks for the advice gents!

How about the spyy supra it fits all your needs

Sure that one looks cool. lol Thanks for the suggestion
Looks are kinda what I’m going on at this point, since I haven’t really tried many throws. I guess an added bonus would be a really cool colorway

I wanted the same things you did because I started on a dv also, when I tried it I liked it right away

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Awesome well I’ll definitely take that into consideration.

Look at the markmont next it has a similar shape to the dv888 plus its nickel plated.
If you want to try a different shape look at the code 2 or a yeah3.
you cold also look at the valve and void by ilyy
another thing to look at is the genises which has a crazy comfotable shape and the supernova plays well also

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Code 2 is the way to go and and it mostly fits all your category’s.Its heavy but it feels floaty! And it’s $100 it’s really smooth,I highly recommend it !!! :wink:

If your looking for a full size yoyo maybe a little undersized I would stick around ~54mm diameter.
I’d suggest a one drop 54 with heavier side effects or a G2 Nessie.

There’s always the trustworthy C3 DiBase. Its about 53mm and it comes with a pair or rubber weight rings so you can slightly adjust the weight and play around with it. It’s not nearly as versatile (weight wise) as something with side effects like the 54, but unfortunately I can’t recommend the 54 because I haven’t personally played it. With that being said, you honestly can’t go wrong with something by One Drop. I own a Burnside and a Cafe Racer and they are both absolute steals for the price, so perhaps you can look into those as well. The DiBase is only available in solid colors as far as I know, so no luck on the crazy colorways, but believe me, I’m not a big fan of solid colors and the anodization and bead blast finish on my blue DiBase is absolutely stunning. I’ll go out on a limb and say its one of the best ‘paint jobs’ in my modest collection. On a final note, since your preferences aren’t too specific yet you won’t be dissapointed with whatever you choose, YYE offers nothing but quality products so just take it easy and pick whatever looks the sweetest! Good luck with your search! ;D

Get a dark magic 2 or atmosphere

I would get a well edition Wet Whistle for $80 its a great wide throw that can handle everything it would be perfect for someone like you learning a lot new tricks

One Drop Burnside

I’d get a Nessie, they’re slightly undersized, light, but not too light. It’s really just a great yoyo.