DV888 user looking for suggestions

First off, a little info. I’ve been throwing for close to 5 months now and have pretty much gotten the hang of all the advanced stuff, and starting to attempt expert. My first throw was a whip, then a DV888 shortly after which I really like, even though I know that its not that great compared to high end stuff. I recently got a chance to try out a couple YYF throws including a Supernova and Genesis and was consdering these two at first but they are a little on the large size (they’re probably normal but feel big after using the DV), however I really like how fast they were.
So I’m looking for a new throw obviously. I like the size and wide catch zone of the 888, however compared to the other throws I tried it plays heavy. Since I’m not focusing on speed yet I’d like a throw with good spin time and stability.
I was checking out some YYF and onedrop stuff (code2 and dietz tickled my fancy) but since I can’t try anything I thought I’d ask! My budget is about $80 but ill pay ~100+ if its something really cool, like one of those baller wasteland finishes.
Thanks for the advice gents!

The DV888 was my first metal too, and for a long time (well, considering I’ve only been throwing since April, not THAT long), I really wanted a Code 2, but was afraid it would be too big. I eventually got to try one at a local meet, and I was surprised to find it wasn’t the behemoth I feared it would be. I’ve since gotten one of my own, and I absolutely love it. It fits my hand perfectly. I recently got a Genesis, and while I like it, it does feel a little bigger than the Code 2. And the Dietz is fast becoming my favorite undersized throw–it fits in the hand more comfortably than the dv888, and doesn’t feel like a rock on the string. You wouldn’t be disappointed by either of your fancy ticklers!

Are there any yoyo meets, groups or clubs in your area? You need to get out and see if you can try some stuff.

After playing the dv888 as your main throw, a lot of stuff will be “big”. The Code 2 is definitely bigger and a different play experience. You might want to try the Dietz instead.

I must admit the shape of the Dv888 is a little unique. Though the 888x has similar weight ratios. It’s kinda like one of those “everybody gets one eventually” throws. I’m also thinking you may like the EnEm3 by yyj. It’s size is kind of in that ball park with the added bonus of a grinding lip.

I just got a Code 2 and my dv888 is my pocket beater. I have big hands so being big isn’t a problem, but the Code 2 just dances in my hand

I had a DV888 as a starter yoyo, and it’s a good throw. My next throw was the Superstar, and I feel that it was a great transition. the superstar is a bit bigger, but you get used to it very quickly

The shape isn’t that unique. The MMN and Half & Half all stick to this basic shape. Yet, the way each perform is very different.

However, thanks for bringing up the Eneme, I think that’s gonna get some play time today! But, here’s my reservation against the ENEME, which if taken from another perspective, is a strength. The ENEME, like the XCon Pro, doesn’t work very well on a bad throw. Just be warned. At the same time, these yoyos will force people to learn to throw better and then they will have much better consistency on their throws. Not only is it a good “trainer” yoyo, these are competition grade as well. I really like both of these. My XCon Pro sees a lot of time with me these days. The Eneme I mostly keep in the case because I’m often out over hard surfaces so I don’t want to ding it.

If there were yoyo meets accessible to me I would %100 be there. Unfortunately there aren’t really in my part of LA.
As for the size, I realize the dv888 is quite small so I think what Im really looking for is a good transition yoyo. Anything that anyone here thinks would be a good third throw for a person of my skill level is welcome. So far the Dietz is high on my list and I hear a lot of good things about onedrop so I’m liking that idea.

Thanks for all the suggestions guys!

I started off with a DV888 as well. I found the transition into a YYF Catalyst to be pretty smooth. It feels a bit lighter than the DV888 (then again, most yoyos do) but it’s pretty stable and a bit faster.


Last time I was i the Los Angeles area(that’s what you mean by LA: Los Angeles), I went to the Sunshine YoYo Company in Redondo Beach. I think they do weekly meets and you can try stuff out PLUS the people are really cool. But I don’t know your ride situation.

Yea I’m actually not far at all from there, I just can’t get over the dang hill…lol
I’m sure ill get around to it soon