Next step Up from DV888?

I’m wondering what the next step up from a Dv888 is? Most people just tell me to get the G5 or 888x, But I’m wondering if there’s any thing as good for like 70-80 bucks. Thanks.

They used to have a selection of “fundametal” yoyos that I’m slowly seeing disappear, in which case I would recommend a tactic or a California, but I’ll give you a few other suggestion like the genesis 85$ (a little more than uer asking price), yuuksta 65$ I think, you could try the new nova 65$, or the catalyst idk$…

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If you’re happy with the dv888, stay with with dv888. It will perform any trick that you throw at it. There is no ‘upgrade’.

Its called the YYJ Phenomizm

I agree, the dv888 is beastly. One of my favorite YYF’s ever. But if you looking to just try something different from YYF I would get maybe a genesis. If you wanna stay small try a nova or yuuksta. I would just get something that isn’t mostly rim weight like the dv888 so you can try a different feeling yoyo. The nova is a YYF undersized I really wanna try, it looks amazing and completely different than a dv888. So yeah, if you wanna try a bigger yoyo go with genesis (not the hubstacked version, not the small bearing version) if you want a smaller yoyo go with nova. The boss is also a sweet yoyo too. They all rock lol

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How are those two factors important regarding size?

I was definitely looking at the genesis(non hubstacked) and the SPYY solaris. But i’m thinking i might wanna get a genesis also considering the price.

performance wise, the DV888 is as good as any other “high end throw”

but trying out something else is always interesting

if the DV888 is your first metal, you probably can play a little bit already

I’d advise you to try out

OneDrop Code 1 - brillant throw, great performance (on par, probably even better than the DV888), community designed yoyo (the very first) so good to have from a collector’s standpoint too. Play with the Side effects and experiment on weight. you’ll have more than one throw for that price, adding 2 or 3 different side effects (say, superlite, stunpegs, lego)

Xcube Steamroller - same here, VERY high performance yoyo, the best “superwide” throw out there, by far. Xcube is a small french brand and the quality of their production is simply outstanding, you definitely get what you pay for (and that will be a significant amount, I think the steamroller is around $130 but worth every penny)

SPYY Addiction - High performance, full size throw, they’re fairly easy to come by used, therefore cheap, SPYY yoyos are really brilliant and this one is extremely polyvalent

YYF Supernova - if you want to stick with YYF, this one is the way to go, there even is a “light” version which, in my opinion, is way better and more fun to play

the code 1 or the steamroller would be my 1st choices, couldn’t go wrong in any way with any of these, they are outstanding throw that will really do a great job of giving your collection a head start with 2 keepers along with one of the best “everyday” throws in the DV888

I just wrote an article about high performance throws on my blog, talking about the supernova, xcube stampede (also very good, but I do prefer the steamroller) and the code 1, but it’s in french and not yet published

PS: if you do decide to get a steamroller (as I’ll strongly advise you to :wink: ), try and find a “team edition” pink, trust me on this one, they’re hard to come by but eventually, you’ll find they’re very worth the extra hassle

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If you want New… check out Onedrop’s Cafe Racer and Dietz. The Dietz is a bit more expensive @$90 but it might be worth it.

Check out the B/S/T section of the forum. You can find mint or near mint throws of all makes for very reasonable prices. I picked up a mint Addiction 2 for $60 shipped to my house.

Thanks for all the help everyone! I jsut barely ordered a Fiesta XX to practice offstring for a while until Christmas Comes. Then I will look at all your suggestions and think about them. Thanks Again. ;D