Need a yoyo that can withstand fast play

Hi Guys,
I am preparing and and making routines for the north east regional yoyo contest. My goal is to make finals. In order to do that, I need a yoyo that can withstand my fast play style (kind of a mix between hiroyuki suzuki, zach gourmley and gentry stein) I would like for the yoyo to be in stock on

PS I really want a draupnir but it is too expensive and I don’t know where to get it.

One Drop Krown
C3 Berserker SS
C3 Krown
Adegle Accel

Something Versus also looks good judging from
w w w

anything that’s a pure V shape should be fine for you. I suggest you look at the 2014 Benchmark V, Kingyo star rapid or anything that appeals to your taste.

OD krown?

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I believe yoyoexpert is due to stock draupnirs soon. They’re also supposed to get JPX’s soon. That said the mo-vitation is great. Bishop also wouln’t be a bad choice. Last mention would be a nifty so I’d check those out and grab what looks good.

The Orbis is not bad for fast play, but I’d recommend the Nifty above that. Super good fast yoyo for competing.

General-Yo Amplitude.