Nobunaga vs Beserker SS

Hey guys. Change of plans. Instead of buying a 40-80 dollar yoyo, I’ve upped my budget substantially. I am figuring which one to get, a Beserker SS or a Nobunaga. Give me your thoughts!

Have not played the Nobunaga but I would Highly recommend the BerserkerSS. It’s a solid Yoyo during play and of you like a little heft there is nothing better. Can be pushed to nice speed and is extremely stable. Not to mention there are some amazing colorways. The newer run is blasted too so that helps. Mine isn’t blasted so it isn’t that great for feel or grinds but the new ones I bet are great.

They’re pretty different other than being bi-metal and similar shapes. The size and weight should sorta be the deciders. I like my Nobunaga quite a bit.

If I were to get one, I would get a nobunaga. The specs are more appealing to me. I don’t know your preferences though.

Berserker if you really like mid/oversized

But if there aren’t any preferences, than I’d go with the nobunaga;
So much power in a smaller throw; I have a draupnir, and I think I have more fun with the nobunaga, without the cost of any spintime/stability

Sure, the Berserker is probably a superb throw, but I’d take the nobunaga anyday :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, just pulled the trigger on a Nobunaga.