Sengoku Nobunaga Review

Sengoku Nobunaga review

Diameter: 54.05 mm / 2.13 inches / 6061 body SS rings
Width: 39.86 mm / 1.57 inches
Gap Width: 4.50 mm / .18 inches
Weight: 64.5 grams
Bearing Size: YoYoRec DS Bearing
Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: IR 19mm Slim Pad
The pouch: is fantastic! Has a unique inside that reduces the possiblity of material dust getting into the bearing. Not too abrasive for the Yoyo, but not felty like the outside. Also, comes with a yellow stock string. It is brown and looks like something a samurai would attach to his belt.

The Yoyo: Looks super clean! Comes with a small plastic bag on it when you first pull it out. The engravings are limited to the special rewind edition and look top notch. One side is the company name/Yoyo name. And the other side has the family crest of the samurai, Nobunaga. The anodizing is perfect and the surface is a smooth, very grindable beadblast.

Performance: I’ve played a lot of Yoyos, especially bimetals, ranging from everything clyw has to offer to turning point, something, c3, and yoyorecreation, so I will make some comparisons as well. Out of the gate, the Nobunaga plays like a blend of a Draupnir and a Dazzler. It has more of a V shape and maneuverability of a Draupnir, but a little more solid and far more stable like the Dazzler. It is also more like the Draupnir when it comes to horizontals. It has the same kind of spin time and performance horizontally as the Draupnir, whereas the Dazzler tends to be awkward when horizontal. It out plays the Anglam series in terms of speed and maneuverability. The Slasher comes a bit closer, but remains slower. It also out performs any turning point bimetal, but this is mostly due to turning points insistence upon a large axel with nubs, which inherently has more mid weight and therefore gets bogged down when it comes to maneuverability. The Yoyo plays very smooth and has the finest vibe comparable to that of he best new yoyorecreation throws. Minuscule and indifferent given the power and speed that results of bimetal glory. Some people are content with any Yoyo but I prefer to wield something of great strength, not unlike a katana.

Wrap up: While the Nobunaga is on the smaller side it is still very much a full sized Yoyo, just not oversized by any means. The inner cup is also actually really good for finger spins too! It will hurt your hand if you throw it hard and try to bind right away because it is that powerful. It may go too fast once in a while, but it will teach you control. It may even spin for so long that you run out of tricks to perform, which will push you for longer combos. It comes stock with a ten ball SS DS bearing and IR pads so you can count on excellent string trick play, horizontal play, and reliable binds (IR pads can be snaggy at first, but they last a long time so that way, when you wear them in, they stay in a sweet spot for a long time). All in all, I joined the Sengoku team not because I’m interested in being involved with some new Yoyo, but because Sengoku is more interested in making swift, powerful weapons that can be wielded and used to accomplish the greatest of victories. The Nobunaga comes highly recommended to all looking for what the rising tide brings.


Very good review. I was hoping for a review from you because of your extensive experience with high ends. I was not disappointed. Hoping to get this soon.

OMG he has a FG Dazzler!!!&@!&&!&@!

This guy has every draupnir