Sengoku Nobunaga: Japanese Bimetal

This review is of the Nobunaga, the freshman release from Sengoku, an new brand from Japan.

Weight: 63.5 g

Diameter: 54.08 mm

Width: 40.03

Body: Aluminum with Stainless Steel

Bearing: YYR Double Straight

Response: IR Pads

It is popularly compared to the extremely praised Draupnir, and for a good reason too! Although it is smaller, it still equals or exceeds the spin time and stability of all the bimetals I have played (Draupnir, Palpitation, Isotope 2, Space Cowboy, and more). The feel it has in the hand is welcoming, mostly because of the midsize specs. Some yo-yos have a very light feel on the string, moving very fast and zippy, yet usually lack stability and spin. On the other hand, some feel like they will never tip over or run out of spin, yet are typically very slow and heavy. The utilization of the stainless steel ring on the Nobunaga really creates are perfect throw, fast and light while keeping insane spin.

Something that surprised me was how well the flat hub proved to be for fingerspins. This stood out to me because it is something most performance yo-yos are not able to achieve. The one minor issue that I encountered with it straight out of the box is the IR pads. They are quite grippy, causing minor problems when multiple string layers were introduced. I have no doubt this problem will pass with time as the pads begin to break in. The binds are quite snappy and responsive, which is pleasant though.

The most amazing aspect is that it can compete with any of the top end throws, yet costs considerably less (~$170 USD).

Overall, the Nobunaga is one of my favorite throws to date. Do not pass on an opportunity to pick one up. I have high hopes for Sengoku and can’t wait to see what they produce down the line!

Good write up, although I have to call you out on one thing…

Purple looks better. ;D

Nice review, I am really loving mine, but I have to agree on the purple :wink: