Sengoku Nobunaga Owners!

Sengoku Nobunaga owners. Is it just me? Or does the Nobunaga seem to be extremely easy to play with in terms of performing tricks and binding? I don’t know if it’s the slight under-size yet can fall into the mid-size category that gives it that magic?

I played with my Shutter and my Space Cowboy and other yoyo’s, and it doesn’t seem to click as good as the Nobunaga. For example, I use my Shutter as my main learning yoyo and as my beater yoyo where I play on concrete as well. It took me awhile to learn the first part of Black Hops. I can do the first variant of Black Hops on my Shutter now that I learned it. However when I try to do Black Hops or Eli Hops or anything else, it seems as if my Nobunaga allows me to perform the trick easier. I sometimes mess up on 1st variation of Black Hops on my other yoyos, same with Nobunaga even. But with Nobunaga, I mess up significantly less.

Could it be some sort of psychological mind game that I am playing upon myself, or does anybody else with a Sengoku Nobunaga feel the same way?

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Don’t have one so I don’t know. But why don’t you send me one and I can test this theory. ;D

If you’ve mostly been using one particular yoyo for a while, it becomes sort of “normal” to you, and everything else feels a bit off compared to that baseline. So it could be that, but it’s also possible that it’s simply a better fit for you as a player.

Nobunaga is crazy good. Just a very approachable yoyo so long as you find the angles comfortable enough. I am hard to please with respect to metals and even more with bi-metals. I was surprised that I like it a lot more than the Draupnir (though admittedly that’s also a terrific yoyo - just a preference thing).

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Part of it is the wicked torque (and thus spin time) that comes with the design. and part of it is the ever so slighty lower end of mid size. I wouldn’t own so many of them if I didn’t love them. Absolutely out of the ball park win for Sengoku.