Specifications based off

Diameter: 54.05 mm
Width: 39.86 mm
Gap Width: 4.50 mm
Weight: 64.5 grams
Bearing Size: Size C
Response Pads: 19mm Slim Pad


The Sengoku Nobunaga is the best V shaped yoyo I have ever owned. That being said I own a YoyoJam Next Level which in my opinion, underperforms for it’s price tag and for being bi-metal. I have also own a OneDrop Gradient which may be a combination between V and H.

The Yoyos

Here are my yoyo list and and my top 5 yoyo list to show where the Nobunaga stands with all my yoyos overall, despite already being crowned the best V shape in my opinion.

  1. YoyoFactory Space Cowboy
  2. YoyoFactory Supernova 6061
  3. Sengoku Nobunaga
  4. Tropic Spins Shipwreck
  5. OneDrop Code 1

Here is the list of yoyos I own, the listing below is irrelevant and does not mean a thing.

OneDrop Code1
OneDrop Gradient
OneDrop x CLYW Summit
OneDrop Benchmark W 2014

YoyoFactory Space Cowboy
YoyoFactory Supernova 6061
YoyoFactory Shutter
YoyoFactory Titanium Dream (Arriving tomorrow)

YoyoJam Next Level

YOYOFFICER x Berry Nifty

Tropic Spins Shipwreck

Sengoku Nobunaga

Initial Thoughts

I’ve never liked the V shape mostly due to what I’ve used and owned. The Sengoku Nobunaga really changed that aspect of my mind and brought my thoughts on V shaped yoyos back to life.

Though the review I am about to write has both the Space Cowboy and Nobunaga being different shapes and specifications, I am going to write the review anyways.

First off, the Nobunaga is the smoothest V shaped yoyos I’ve used and own, it is not nearly as smooth as the Space Cowboy, highly probable due to the shape. H shapes like the Space Cowboy tend to play smoother than V shaped yoyos.

At first, my initial thoughts were the Space Cowboy and Nobunaga were identical in speed. However after throwing both again and again, swapping between the two and trying to find differences, the Nobunaga of course is a little bit faster but not so much that it is easy to differentiate. Due to the Nobunaga’s V shaped design, it of course would tend to be faster.

Though the Nobunaga may be smaller in shape than most mid-size, I wouldn’t completely call it off as a under-sized. It is David and Goliath when comparing the YoyoFactory DV888 to the Sengoku Nobunaga.

Nice review, I think the space cowboy vs nobunaga smoothness comparison is very debatable though. My nobunaga is dead smooth with the fingernail test, my spacecowboy has a very small amount of vibe.

Those photos are terrific. On smoothness, I think it really just depends on which yoyo you get. Some nobunagas might be a pinch smoother than others.

No doubt. Both totally amazing.

Thanks for the review. It was short but I like the nice photos! I have some questions though…

Could you elaborate on what makes the Next Level bad for it’s price? I was interested in getting a Next Level since I really like my Phenom and I wanted to have an idea of how YYJ’s modern bi-metal stacks up with the other bi-metals. Also, I think plastic caps are cool.

I understand that ‘smoothness’ varies from yo-yo to yo-yo but is there any actual truth to that statement? I’m not saying that it’s not true. I’m just curious on the validity of that statement.

Also, to go on tangent (that isn’t directed towards anyone in particular but I’d love to hear any inputs): What exactly is an H-shape nowadays? I look at the Space Cowboy and I just don’t see how it counts as an H-shape. Back when it was just the HSpin Envy (and other less extreme examples like the OG Superstar, Grime Machine 2 etc) it was easy to tell what’s an H-shape but if yo-yos like the Space Cowboy and Gradient is considered an H-shape that I guess I just don’t know what an H-shape is nowadays.

Again, thanks for the review!