Which yo-yo in your arsenal do you find is easiest to perform tricks with?

I find my Sengoku Nobunaga to be extremely easy to do tricks with. I don’t even know how to put it into words because I don’t even know how. What yo-yo in your collection do you find to be easiest to perform tricks with? If possible, why?

Easily Draupnir for me.


Sleipnir, Draupnir, TooHot, Space Cowboy all come to my mind.

I certainly have some yoyos that are harder to use than others, but beyond a certain performance level, things don’t seem to get “easier” per se. If it’s got a lot of rim weight, a wide catch zone and a low wall, it’s about as good as anything else with those characteristics.

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Sputnik. Light, smaller diameter and thinner width than most of my others. Add the wide catch zone and makes it very easy to hop into weird places. Light but small size overall so weight feels more “centered” (if that makes sense). Bimetal helps. Comfortable organicish shape.

Really takes almost no effort to throw it, do some tricks and bind it back up.

My only problem with it are the pads or maybe the gap could be a touch wider. And a blasted hot pink/purple acid speckle color would be way dope 8).

Next easiest is GenYo Prophecy but you have to be mindful of diameter/width. Though it seems most every yoyo is 56x44+/- so really for me it’s the weight, GenYo blast and strict V that make it so easy on me.

that’s a weird question.
i don’t feel like any one yo-yo makes tricks categorically easier than others. what i find is that certain yo-yo’s help nudge you in one direction or another or affect the style with which you play. so i have yo-yo’s that tend to make me feel more satisfied, but not really ones that i play quantifiably “better”.

some examples:
i really like playing spencer berry’s yo-yo, walter. it’s super thin, so i’m not going to hit my techest combos 10/10, but i like the directions i tend to go in when i play it, and i tend to hit weirder stuff on it than on pretty much anything else.
with respect to fixed axles, i feel like i can hit pretty much anything on my eh, or on a no jive. obviously it’s hard to use those to hit long 1a combos, but it’s way easier to lace double-kickflip-to-lunar on them than it would be on a draupnir, so it’s all what tricks you’re talking about.
in terms of what you probably meant though, i find i play the new clyw avalanche pretty well. that yo-yo and i get along, and i tend to hit my stuff pretty clean on it.

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The Arctic Circle and Code 2 for me. Something about the weight/shape/size really works for me.

I don’t know how or why, but my Aftershock and Slasher just seem to “click” for me. Sometimes, when I’m having difficulty with a trick, I just pick one of those two up and its makes it slightly easier to perform (sort of.)

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YoyoFactory Titanium Dream, and TooH.O.T. They seem to do all the work for me. I know that they don’t, but it just seems that way. :-\

Oh good. My answer was already in here. Saved me some typing, thanks, D Beau!

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Yoyofactory Cyborg 2.0.

I’ll go with Nobunaga, and Draupnir. The shape, weight, and combined with the stupid amount of spin time all spoil you. Seriously compare playing one to a space cowboy, the SC is a great throw. The Nobunaga is just better. Personal opinion of course.

When playing fixed though, lots of the stuff I can’t hit on a no-jive that frustrate me, I pick up an irving and I just rock out on. Weird.

Draupnir, TiDream, Ti5, and Space Cowboy for me. Especially the Draupnir; if I miss a trick on it, I feel like it’s purely my fault, as I’ve never found it getting in the way of landing a trick. The others approach it, but the Draupnir is the king of “Easy Mode” throwing for me.

I’ve been throwing it semi exclusively for a long time so I can’t pretty much predict how it will react and can control it better than any other yoyo.