Yoyo's that make you feel like you're "cheating"?


So do you have any yoyos that make your tricks too easy or spins too long? I have a few that gave me that feeling. The Genesis, Code 1, and pretty much every Yoyorecreation gave me this feeling.


A cool player to ask about this would be Paul Dang. He swaers by light yoyos, it sure does give them more heart and soul than yyr! ;D


Remember it the yoyoer not the yoyo. Basically you could do all the trick on a classic and still do the same tricks on a (insert mid-high priced metal or delrin yoyo). But your right about something.


Well, yah, but he means like that spins “too long” and make it easy to do tricks.

And, your answer is probably going to be under “fav. Yoyo”


Fragment is pretty light.


Chief. I can do up to 6 second grinds.


Until a yoyo enables me to do an effortless Follow (as opposed to stacking my practice, as I’ve been doing) then there’s no yoyo to make me feel like I’m cheating. :wink:

Certainly stability combined with long spin time can make your life easier. Code 2 and SPYY Pro are good ones for me in this regard.


Yoyorecreation throws make me feel like I’m cheating when I’m doing horizontal. The one decent horizontal combo I have can be done almost effortlessly with enough power to do the same combo may once or twice more and still bind. That’s cheese!!


Bandai Hyper Infinity. That thing spins forever.


I used monkey buff on the one i had and could do do 8 second finger grinds and 12 second thumb grinds afterwards… INSANITY


Actually… there is a point where the yoyo does affect the yoyoer. Most people don’t agree with this, but I’ll tell you why. When there’s enough of a large gap between the quality of 2 yoyos, then this will affect the yoyoer. For example, I don’t think Yuuki Spencer could win worlds if he used just a Duncan Butterfly. Of course, this is overthinking the phrase a bit :wink:


My zeekio core grinds longer.


With the sole exception of Walter, every single metal yo-yo released after 2007 is too easy to use.




Yuuki could win probably using any BALL BEARING yoyo.

(M.DeV1) #16

I use C3H5’s to compete and every time I feel guilty but gosh they are just so darn good!



The Sleipnir was too good. I had to get rid of it.


but the Duncan butterfly isn’t a " BALL BEARING MODERN YOYO"
It doesn’t have a bearing right?

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do u evn general yo bro i get 10 second grind spin teims wit dem

No, but seriously. I get crazy grind times with General Yo’s blasts.

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I’d love to see a comparison between the Evil Yo, and the General Yo of your choice. Epic grind battle.

Actually, we should do a video battle where every trick has to have a grind in it. Or both ideas.