Best yoyo around $150 - $210

I was thinking about the Anglam CC but I heard some people say it wasn’t good for its price. I really like its shape and design, But I don’t know how it plays.

I was also looking at some c3 and Werrd stuff The Besrerker and Krown from c3 and the sentinel from Werrd.

But I’m not sure if I should get one of these or something else.

The anglam line is made more for comfort than for performance. If it s raw power you’r lookimg for go with phaser

Some of the ones I’d look into:
Sturm Panzer Schneider Mk2
sOMEThING Slasher
Yoyorecreation Draupnir
Turning Point Palpitation
C3 Berzerker SS

Honorable Mention:
Yoyofactory Space Cowboy
Iyoyo Steel

Nobunaga and vkss are probly worth checking out as well. I know the Nobunaga is due for a release at yoyoexpert soon.

If you’re looking at werrd the irony jpx is better than the sentinel in terms of performance.

Ok thanks, But I can never find anywhere to buy a Draupnir or Irony :confused: If you know somewhere that would be great.

Draupnirs are extremely rare because they sell out in hours, sometimes minutes. I had to trade to get mine mint, so just put an offer out on the BST

So would the Slasher play more floaty than the Anglam?

Not sure but wanted to make sure you knew the anglam 2 just got announced as well so it might be better to wait for that.

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Ok thanks :smiley:

Really? I’ve never heard anyone say a bad word about it. I think it’s a fantastic yoyo. Plays kinda light and bouncy, a bit like a Draupnir but not quite to the same degree. I will agree with Kadabrium though that in terms of performance, the Phaser does have it beat. I’m always surprised that there isn’t more hype around the Phaser, it’s a truly awesome yoyo but nobody really seems to mention it much.

The Slasher I hear good things about. It got a rave review from ‘Stickman’, who owns multiples of pretty much every yoyo out there.

(from a topic regarding favourite bi-metal yoyos)

That’s coming from a man that owns like 20 Anglams.

Really, if you pick any yoyo off the list that Sparhawk mentioned, you’re pretty set. Obviously the general consensus is that Draupnir > every other yoyo, so if you can get your hands on one for that price, then I’d definately recommend it. If not, any of the above bi-metals are a solid recommendation.

Anglam 2 looks awesome. drools

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The Palpitation, Slasher and Draupnir are all fantastic. I’ve heard that the Palp plays heavy, but I’d say otherwise. It’s still quite fast and really, really stable. The Slasher is smaller with a more organic shape, and is very fast but not as stable. Unlike those 2, I’ve only tried the Draupnir briefly. It’s also crazy good. Amazingly fast, crazy stability, unbelievable spin times. Out of those 3, the Draup is the floatiest and the Palp is the most solid (not necessarily heavy, just has more presence on the string.) I’m sure anything you get will be great.

as mentioned before by other people, Draupnir is a very good yoyo to play. Most of the yoyos that exist now are good. Now it depedns on your preference
If you ask for my preferencce(Long spin,smooth,stable), then I can list some of the yoyos:
-Berserker SS
-BTH(PERFECT for sleeper contest)
-Schneider MK-II
-and many others
I dont mind about how it plays, that’s the yoyo which fit my preferences

Thanks for all the help. I think i’ll go for the Slasher then the Berserker SS or something. Does anyone have the spin time of the Slasher?

Calm yourself, and wait for the new Anglam 2

(i dont even know if it will be good lol)

In a slightly used condition, with a regular CT bearing, I got about 9:08 on a fairly good throw with the Slasher. With a better throw and better bearing, I’m sure it would spin longer. Although, anything over 9 minutes is already pretty great for any yoyo.


i´d go for a berserkerSS or a Palpitation. depending on the shape and specs you like. The Palpitation made me never touch my other throws anymore :smiley: for me it might just be perfect but either of those 2 are amazing in terms of performance! Palp feels/is a lot lighter than the BerserkerSS

So many decision’s :-\ And they all seem so good D: But i’m sure i’ll be happy with whichever one I choose. Thanks for all the help!

Good luck bro, none will disappoint you

I decided I wasn’t going to buy my more expensive one till Christmas or something. But I want to buy a cheaper one (150 -170) And I was thinking about either a: Beserker SS, Sengoku Nobunaga or my first CLYW which one should I get?

berserker ss :slight_smile: