What to upgrade to from an Anglam CC

What are your thoughts?

I’m looking at the Megatron, Cliff, Equilateral and some others.

Megatron is nice. I have one in my BST. I think a draupnir would be a nice next throw, and the sturm panzer stuff as well.

I love my Anglam CC. Other things I like a lot:

Stealth Ogre
Leo Sniper
Isotope 1.03

The only one I would consider an upgrade from an Anglam CC is a Dazzler. The rest are equally high end, but not “better.” Just different.

I’m curious why you think you need to upgrade from a yoyo that Christopher Chia used to become 2nd in the world earlier this year? Is it not performing well enough for you?

I don’t really think there’s any upgrades as much as it’s just testing out your preferences at this point

This is an extremely fun and very different throw compared to the Anglam CC that I got to try at nationals. It’s also fairly rare and there’s just one in stock. Not exactly the best competition shape but still super fun to toss around and I think most that got to try it loved it.

To add to the throws RobK listed I’d like to mention:
Yoyomonster Checkmate or Remate
Irony JP 2k13
Positron 2
Superfly Remix 7075
Format C
C3 Krown, Berserker RX, Electric Flash, or P. Wave
I’ve also been enjoying the new Superstar recently

It’s performing excellently, it’s just that since I’m thinking about buying a new yoyo, I was wondering if there was another yoyo that would possibly outperform it.

Yeah I was also looking at this but it’s a little too pricey…

What about Megatron vs Equilateral vs Cliff vs any version of the Isotope?

The only thing that I have ever experienced that might outperform it is the dazzler. And maybe the hyperion. If you’re looking for something to outperform one of the best yoyos on the market, I think the only other option is the Draupnir.

I have a lot of the yoyos that we are talking about in this thread. None outperform it. If you look at my B/S/T, you’ll see my anglam CC is one of the frew non YYR, non titanium yoyos not for sale. It is just that good. You can get some variety. You can get some yoyos that are fun and play as well but different, but you are only going to get one that plays better by buying a draupnir or dazzler (IMHO), and draupnir is still a guess, as mine is still in the mail.

What is the main difference in the CC and regular anglam that make you all prefer the cheaper CC over the original?

For me the CC plays just a little better. It is subtle though.

There was a little tweak to the weight distribution for the CC model. They also used a cheaper metal than Ti to get the weight ring there. I’d bet on steel.

The ring is WAY too thick to be steel.
The yoyo would be around, 120g if that ring was steel, based on my CAD program estimates

SO what do you think then? 7075?

Whatever it is, it plays amazingly. I really like it.

One of my all time favorites too!
I ddon’t ask. I just enjoy :slight_smile:

Outperforming an anglam CC. That thing is at the highest class, I dont really think there’s a yoyo that will “outperform” it. You may find another yoyo that suits your preferences, but I dont really think theres a yoyo that will simply play better then the anglam CC. Although, some yoyos that possibly could may be the sleipnir, draupnir, and dazzler.

I would really suggest trying out the new general yo Prestige. It is an amazing yoyo. Out of the yoyo’s you wanted to compare I won the Cliff and the 2 are not in the same league. The Prestige … I just don’t see how it could be done any better.

I have a dazzler. I have a sleipnir and draupnir on the way. I agree with this statement from the perspective of the dazzler. The Anglam CC is an amazing yoyo. If you want something that plays better so you can do better tricks, it will be more likely in your hands than in your yoyo case at that point.

If you can’t learn or execute tricks on an Anglam CC, I don’t think the dazzler will get you there, even though I do think it plays better. We are talking about the top of the yoyo performance pile at this point.

Well he didn’t get 1st, now did he? :wink:

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You win this thread. Well played. Good game.

Well, if the Dazzler plays slightly better than the Anglam CC how much is it and where can I buy it? If it’s not worth it would it be a bad idea to buy the Cliff as a fun but great yoyo?