is the anglam really better then like...... the chief?


why is it so expensive?

why dont more people have one?


I think because it’s like you said: expensive.

Why is it so expensive? I think because it’s Mickey’s design and throw. I don’t see any other reason, as only the weight rings are titanium.


the chief stinks! FACT! not just opinion. fact. ::slight_smile:

no idea. never tried an anglam.


The Anglam also has a titanium rim weight ring in it which will raise the cost but moat of the coat is because its…prices very high. As for play I think the Anglam plays amazing. Super fast and stable. Its a great yoyo. I also like the chief but if I picked one it would have to be the Anglam.


That’s an opinion. Saying that anything “stinks” is just an opinion, unless the thing in question does truly exude a noticeably off-putting odor. I’d suggest using the word “fact” with a little more discretion. There are a huge number of people who love the Chief. As you yourself have shown, there are also people who hate it. It’s all preference, so please don’t try to pass yours off as the truth.

(2Sick Joey) #6

Lol at you thinking he was serious


Agreed. Also, not a lot of people have Anglams because they sell out quickly.


No. Opinion.

TONS of people will disagree.


The Anglam will probably be a better yoyo if you did a 100% objective test, yes. More spintime and more stable. Though it probably lack the float of the Chief, which some love.


What makes you think he wasn’t?


To be honest I havent heard anyone say they hate the Chief yet :wink: the worst Ive heard is “it plays like it should for the price, but its not amazing, and didnt meet my expectations” haha, Chief is a boss…


While the Chief is a very nice yoyo, I believe that a lot of its praise is boosted by hype.


Actually IMO the Anglam has more float to it. Throwing them side by side makes the chief feel a bit sluggish and slow. I think the price tag IA what is so off putting of the anglam. I dont reallt see why it’s so expensive butbim not a yoyo maker.


The cost of a yoyo has nothing to do with how well it plays.
Nothing at all, its not part of how the price comes to be ever.
Keep that in mind and you all will be less confused.


I have heard many a person say the ver. CC is better. A tiny bit smaller, and no titanium weight rings for WAY less

I have an angle, it is amazing


The CC is bigger, actually. And it uses a “secret alloy” that have the same density as titanium.


Better? Maybe. Certainly open to debate.

I like the Anglam better than the Chief. That means the Anglam is better for me than the Chief. However, I do not feel the Anglam is “better” than the Chief. It is different.

I do feel the Anglam would be better priced if $100 was taken right off the price tag, as that where it would appear it should be priced.


why don’t you just get a chief already! You have made like ten threads on them.


This dude’s right. I mean, I really don’t get people who are stressing over choosing a yoyo. There are so many good ones! It’s very hard to be disappointed by any yoyo from a reputable company like CLYW these days unless you’re just super picky.


Knocking $100 off the price would put it at about the same price as the Berserker which uses 7075 for the rings instead of titanium, and is made in China instead of Japan. I think a price just slightly north of $200 would be about right.