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Is this yoyo really worth the price, it looks really nice and I want one but I’m not sure if I want to drop 300 bucks on it
So, reviews would be appreciated

I played my mate’s Anglam and it is very very very good. I’m just not quite sure if it’s really $100 better than a YoyoRecreation or Turning Point but if you’ve got the means you won’t be disappointed. There’s a very detailed review here (of the very same Anglam I tried out actually!):,45779.0.html


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Thanks for the lInk it was very helpful, it’s a desist ion that I’ll have to think about for awhile haha

Is the Anglam worth $300? The answer to this depends.

If you only have $300 to ever spend on yo-yos, then no. The Anglam is not all things to all people. There are 3 other yoyos that I would buy first instead of one Anglam.

If you can afford the yoyos that you really want - then the Anglam becomes more attractive. That is because the Anglam has a feel that is unique. It is both heavy, light, fast and floaty; a YYR on steroids. It is a great addition to any collection that will be unlike anything in the bag. It is a fabulous yoyo that unfortunately has a high barrier to entry making it almost a luxury yoyo. If they could lower the price to the $200 range - I think they would sell far more.

Bottom line: If you can afford it - buy it; you will not be disappointed. If you can not afford to spend $300 on one yoyo - then buy what you can afford; get an Anglam when you win the lottery :slight_smile:

Yes and no. Or yes or no. Or no. Or yes. Or maybe. Or…

$289 is a lot to spend on a yoyo. Please keep in mind that preferences play a major factor in what you end up liking. This is far too much money to take a chance on. This is a yoyo you should play first. The odds are good that you’ve seen me say this before. I feel for anything under $50, try before buying is still recommended but not as necessary. Anything under $20 can be an impulse buy. $50-100, strongly consider what you’re buying. Anything over $100, you’re taking a big risk when taking a blind plunge. The risk goes up as the price does.

I love the Anglam. Smooth, solid, stable, designed for speed(a negative for me) but is fine going at medium speeds but wants to be pushed. The Phenom, which this clearly replaces, is a much faster yoyo believe it or not, but it is very purpose built and not really as “player oriented”. The very sharp V and angled rims provide for fast play, slices through the air, but then comes back with a it of a bite. The Anglam resolves all these issues, but also follows some industry trends. There is that extra but of weight at the end, similar to how the SkyWalker does it. It also utilizes a weight ring, but between that ring and the outer rim is a titanium ring inside there. This titanium ring adds a minimal amount of weight, but helps focus the weight at the rim, rather than more “mid-weight” as is done with the Chief, for example, or even the Phenom. Plus, this mid-weight is pushed to the OUTER portion of the rim, not the inner portion, adding to the stability. The shape is more of a softer V, so it’s immediately more comfortable in the hand.

This yoyo is designed for long play sessions, casual and competitive, and in the hands of a skilled player, is a serious weapon of contest destruction. However, in my hands, it’s an over-priced hunk of metal I should not have purchased. Well, not really. I say that I should not have purchased it because I’m a horrible player. Most of the stuff I own is so far above what my skills say I should own. In a way, I’m saying I’m not worthy and not deserving of this. Yet, I bought one anyways, and I feel it was money very well spent, ever last single cent of it! Still, I really like this yoyo. It just plays and feels amazing.

I still strongly recommend that this be tried before you buy if you have the opportunity to do so. I take mine to any meets I go to so it can be auditioned. Most people really like it, a few haven’t. Those who haven’t liked it tend to prefer different shapes. So, like anything else, preferences are key.

I’ve got a growing collection of CLYW’s and One Drops and that’s great stuff. I recently got a Positron and while I like it, I like the Anglam far more. I got a YYF Equilateral, and I like that more than the Positron but less than the Anglam. I threw that in for preferences purposes. I still really like my Phenom more than the Equilateral, but I like the Anglam more than the Phenom.

If budget is an issue, consider the Angle, which is supposed to still be a premium yoyo in the same shape, but designed to be considerably more affordable. I’m not sure when I’m going to get one, but I will get an Angle soon.

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Thanks studio! Very helpful…now I need to find we’re I can try one out haha

If you’re nearby where I live(Sacramento, California area), then I know where one is available:

In my collection!

Haha no I’m very far away from you but thanks anyway!

Just realized that was my 100th post… Not very many but still prity cool haha

Ahhh…The Anglam

I find it impossible not to speak up when I see a discussion regarding my all time favorite throw.
I’m not articulate enough to speak or write of my feelings for the Anglam, but suffice it to say that I own over 250 YoYo’s of every flavor under the sun,…and if I was told I could keep one, & only one, it would be hands down my Anglam.

I’m actually beginning to believe that I should start selling off some of my collection due to the fact that my quest for the perfect YoYo for me is over. It’s just about all I throw anymore.

That’s how I feel about the Anglam.

Your quest for that perfect yoyo is only over until something better than the Anglam comes along. I used to think that perfect yoyo was the Ti Walker. I put the Anglam in that category right now. Better? Hmmmmmm.

Give me a minute…

This is not a question of whether it’s worth it or not. It’s whether you can afford it or not.

Afford is a malleable word. It can mean whatever the consumer wishes it to be. What if I could save you buying three inferior $100 yo-yos by telling you to not buy those, but to buy the Anglam. Now what is affordable? I have a case full of throws that I do not use anymore because I have better ones. I wish I could have skipped buying those yo-yos - and just bought an Anglam. Much more affordable.

Seriously though, the biggest obstacle to purchasing the Anglam is that you generally can’t test it first. Therefore, you have to trust the opinions of others when evaluating the Anglam for purchase. Add to this a list-price that is almost 3 times the price of normal yo-yos and it becomes easy to skip the Anglam in favor of another, cheaper throw that inevitably will have many more positive reviews due to the sheer numbers in people’s hands: cough CLYW cough. The trouble is that for the price of any two of CLYW marginal throws (AC, Glacier Express and the Puffin) you COULD have had the Anglam; which would blow all three away just on the breakaway.

Oh, and for all of those that will inevitably chime-in about how great their Puffin. AC or GE is - try an Anglam first, and then get back to me.

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Poetry sometimes use nonsensical words for the sake of flow.

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Got my Anglam a week or so ago and finally put some good throw time into it. Truly an amazing throw. Super smooth, great size, perfect speed, and just a really great feel that’s pretty hard to describe. Playing it mainly with Kitty String Nylon and it’s a great match. Sadly has a little machining mark under the ano, but eh, hoping it’s my main throw for the next year so i guess i won’t worry about it too much, just annoying on something so expensive. But yeah plays just wonderfully, i usually prefer lighter throws but something about the weight is just really great and has a sense of power but without being unruly. I’m pretty terrible at reviews, so basically i’ll sum it up by saying it’s by far one of, if not my favorite throw ever. Right up there and probably surpassing the ti5 which was my favorite up until now.

Tell Andre and he’ll replace it.

If only i got it from him… Suppose that’s one reason to buy from an American company. But the fact that i can get free shipping from Japan and not YYE always bothered me…

I agree about that. There are certain other retailers that waive the shipping fee when the order gets above a certain amount. When you are spending $450+ on an order, it does seem a bit silly to hit me for a $6 shipping fee. It is not a big deal, but it is noticed and appreciated.

Wow, this thread convinced me to get one! Better than the TiWalker and Ti5… I didn’t think that was possible! Ordered the gold with blue inside the cups, looks beautiful, can’t wait for it to arrive. I’m tempted to order the as well…

Good choice! :wink:

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