Anglam by an asian teenager(sOMEThING)

I want to buy an Anglam. Is it worth for 289 dollars? Type it with it’s reason please.


It depends on your skill level.

It’s definitely worth the 289$, but if you just started, I would go for something cheaper.

I’m not a starter. I’m just rich lol. Any other opinions?

Anglam’s rims are titanium. Is it affects yoyo’s performance?

Well if you have the money and want the yoyo, then buy it lol

You are not helping. I was kidding my friend.

C’mon guys.

The titanium rings add much more rim weight to the yoyo, similar to a yoyo like the Dark Magic 2, for longer sleep times. The rings won’t effect the performance of the yoyo, the Anglam will remain very smooth and will still play very well. And I was being serious, if you want the yoyo and can buy it, there’s really nothing stopping you.

If you have the money, and want it, go for it. You won’t be able to do tricks you couldn’t do with a $15 t5, but that’s the same with all highend yoyos.
Personally, I’d try to get my hands on a ti walker over it. but that’s just me.

and just a side note, they’re out of stock if you were looking to order it from yye.

I don’t really want to have regrets after I get the yoyo. Anglam comes with a size C curved bearing.I have never used a curved bearing before so I dont how it feels. I want to use a dif-e-yo konkave bearing actually. But I think it might ruin yoyo’s balance or any other stat(just my opinion)

Any suggestions about YYR yoyos?

Why would a KK ruin the yoyos balance? It actually helps extensively for balance.

Titanium is a very light weight, but extremely durable metal, so by using it, manufacturers can achieve much more with weight distribution than they would be able to with aluminum.

I have not thrown an Anglam, but i can tell you right now that sOMEThING would not put out a junk yoyo. It’s most likely just as good as any other metal throw out there, but i can’t tell you to be certain as i have not used one.

Some other yoyos you could try that most likely play just as good if not better for cheaper-

Cliff, Chief, Arctic Circle, Avalanche, (< all four of those by CLYW) Code2, Cascade, (< those two by OD) Beserker, Capsule 2, Capless, (< those by C3YoYoDesign). Really any metal over a $100 dollars now a days isn’t going to be trash. They all play so good.

If a KK bearing improves the balance. Then why are manufacturers using a curved bearing as a stock bearing? I’m just smart, my friend.

A KK bearing is a curved bearing.

Not entirely. KK=dif-e-yo konkave bearing. curved bearing=curved bearing. These bearings are different, my friend.

On YYE, it says the ANGLAM has a CBC Center Track Bearing… sooo yeaahh… But anyways, center track bearings are awesome.

Center trac bearing? It doesn’t even look like a center trac bearing.It is wrong I think.

Let somebody comments who has thrown an anglam before XD.

The manufactures probably changed the bearing they used as stock after they took the pictures, so they probably just didn’t feel like updating the pictures. And besides, even if someone has thrown an anglam, doesn’t mean they didn’t change the stock bearing.

I will change the stock bearing already.It is not a matter actually. I will try all kind of bearings with this yoyo. lol

Then why even make a deal out of it to begin with! hahahahahahahaha have fun with your search :wink:

no-where does YYE say it’s Center Trac, “Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)” quoted from the anglam page.

The bearing used in YYAddict yoyo’s are called ADC KK, “The ADC KK Bearing aka Addict Bearing (Konkave) are high quality bearing which are commonly used in all sOMEThing by YoYoAddict Yo-Yos. The ADC bearing improve your yo-yo spin and also reduce friction from the response with it’s Konkave shape into keeping the yo-yo string in the center of the yo-yo. Also improve the feel of your yo-yo by having a silent and long spin. Highly recommended for all yo-yos. Material : Stainless Steel” Quoted from an online store that stocks the bearings alone.

no. They really are the same thing. Different names for the same exact thing. Like, yoyo, and return top, same thing, different names.

I’ve been yoyoing for a really long time. I think I know what in talking about.