sOMEThING ANGLAM [and the rest]

Hiroyuki Suzuki/Mickey has announced today his very own signature yoyo from his sOMEThING brand at his store.
Mickey calls it the ANGLAM.
Photo: Hiroyuki Suzuki’s Facebook

“Aluminum body + Titanium weight rings. ANGLAM is the true legend.”
Basically, it has the ANGLE’s shape but wider and larger as reported. Alloy 6061 is used as well.

The ANGLAM has a price tag of 22,800JPY. It’s about ‎$285.96 per the current exchange rate.
Photo: Hiroyuki Suzuki’s Facebook

Personally, though it’s a bit on the expensive side, more expensive than the CLYW yoyos those kids are always complaining about everytime Chris announces a new yoyo, I believe that this yoyo will go pretty far. I’ll put more of my opinion later.

Your thoughts?

Too expensive is my opinion…most full titanium yoyos are 80-100 dollars cheaper. I would save the money and just buy something cheaper cause nearly $300 for a 6061 aluminum yoyo with a tiny titanium ring doesn’t justify such an expensive price

Not to play things one way or another:

Most people complain stuff is over-priced. I do too. But at the same time, I think some brands of yoyo are actually being priced appropriately, while some are underpriced.

I think $285 is a bit much for this. I do understand that precision cut and fit titanium rings are NOT cheap, and that I bet they heat up the aluminum to make it expand so they can push the titanium ring in there, letting the aluminum cool and locking it all together. This process is HIGHLY skilled and probably minimally automated., then cleaned up to remove the oxidation from the heating before being anodized.

I’ve been a big fan of Mickey’s yoyos for a while now, being some of my faves. I expect this to do quite well. This one, as interesting as it looks, I know I’d like it, but I’m not willing to pay that kind of price right now. I would be interested in playing it for a few days and see if i I really like it or not.

Until then, I think my next big ticket throw is the YYJ Next Level.

Way too much for something that doesn’t even look amazing in my opinion.

Because it’s that expensive I need it!!!


Is it me or does it seem like any yoyo Mickey makes is always his signature throw? Not always but you know what I mean

Since we’re on the topic of prices, as I said on the OP, yes it’s a bit on the expensive side. But keep in mind that the US dollar is currently weak so the exchange rate reflects that ridiculous high price. I will only know if it’s much cheaper to get it in Japan or get it from a local retailer like YYE once Andre places his orders for a super limited run.

But correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t most full Ti yoyos released as of recently are around the $400-500 range? Exclude that one titanium yoyo from One Drop that was released so long ago because it was less than $220.

I’m with Studio with this one. As much as I want to get this yoyo and because I have some sort of loyalty to the man responsible for getting me into yoyoing, I will wait until the US dollar gets a lot better and therefore the prices to go down. I would like to try it first before shelling out almost $300 for a throw. Maybe I’ll have a chance when I go to Japan next year? Who knows
If not, I can always work and save up.

Mickey himself even said that if you think it’s expensive, then don’t buy it. So he’s not forcing anyone to buy it because he knows someone else will.

If you count his days with YoYoJam, then yes I understand that…Mickey helped design his former signature throws from his previous sponsor and YYJ knew that those will sell if his name is on the yoyo.
But with his sOMEThING brand, I’m pretty sure everything before the ANGLAM are regular, general releases.

I’m “ok” with the price, I would love seeing B-grades sold though. I would want specs first before I set aside $250+

Yeah, Mickey has not said when it will be released or even its specs. But I’ll take my word from Mickey when he said that the ANGLAM is an ANGLE but larger and wider. Of course, with titanium rings.

Though I don’t know how B-grade ANGLAMs will perform…because of its weight rings…will it wobble or at least vibe? Or will it be no difference at all? Hmm. [/speculation]

But for people who want to save up a bit of money, the ANGLE XS was also announced the same day.
The ANGLE XS has a price tag of 4800JPY = $60.12

It features a unique, space food-like fancy packaging. This is something new, I must say.

Comparison of already undersized ANGLE with a smaller ANGLE XS.

well for me, the important thing is the player. how hard they practice the trick and how confortble the player with the yoyo. Not all expensive yoyo guarantee ‘the best play’

#just saying :slight_smile:

The play of the throw is always the important aspect…but I’ve played $50 throws that are incredible and paying over $200 for a throw seems a bit steep to me. I know the quality should be top notch and he is trying to some new things but from what I have seen with other players is that a yoyo this expensive gets played and then locked away. I like the design and maybe if I find one on the bst for a better price I’ll give it a try. But at that price I doubt I’ll be buying one…I’d rather invest that in two awesome throws. But like I said, the design is really cool.

The Angle is one of my favorite YoYo’s period. It’s not a real undersized throw to me, but well on it’s way to it. When I saw the Anglam, I knew I would buy it… and I did. Yes, I was weak. :-[

I do not generally comment on YoYo’s, they are a very personal thing in my opinion, and everyone loves or hates a YoYo for very subtle or esoteric reasons. I will say that if you have had the opportunity to throw an Angle, you will LOVE the Anglam. It is hands down one of my all time favorite YoYo’s. DEAD Smooth & Stable. The weight sits right in the inside edge of the rims which makes it extremely well behaved. I’m a bit curious though about the overall weight because Mickey generally designs lighter, therefore faster YoYo’s, but the Anglam is just a bit heavier than I would have expected (67.4G). I can not say enough great things about this YoYo, I know that it’s not cheap, but I have been blessed with the ability to purchase a few high ticket throws and this is by far the best I have. It’s a YoYo that I would have made had I the opportunity to do so. It has a very simple but elegant appearance. It’s has become my “Go To” throw, and is second only to my Ti-Walker as my favorite.

I don’t expect it to be a big seller at $300.00, but I can say that I have spent more than that recently and was not as impressed as I am with the Anglam. Mickey has definitely found his Apex in YoYo design. This will be a hard act to follow for him.

And that, is that. ;D ;D

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Mickey’s told me in the past (when discussing Phenom vs. Phenomizm) that he prefers to compete with heavier yo-yos because it slows him down a little bit when he gets nervous and the adrenaline starts flowing.

I just don’t see the point of titanium weight rings, sure don’t weigh much…

Can you still spark it?

I don’t know…

I guess you could rub it with a rock…

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That’s true.

But it might ding the aluminum.

I was thinking that too! Wouldn’t you want something a little heavier?

Titanium has a density more than Aluminium alloy, due to different weight distribution it gives different feelings (the more weight outside the more stability in general, but there are disadvantages and exceptions out there). Just like putting a metal ring on a plastic, but in a more ‘advanced’ version.