Titanium anglam. (Multiple topics merged)

I’m not buying it though. Lol

It would at least 400$ I think.

It looks really good but it will be far too expensive for me.

Its been raining titanium these days.

Only people who have a tree of money can buy these. Lol

This drives me crazy!!! Too many titaniums coming out and not even close to enough money.

It’s worse for Canadians because of the terrible dollar. If this costs 400 used it will be upwards of 500 cad.

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I’m perfectly happy with my sub $100 yoyos.

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I personally don’t really love the shape, doesn’t really look like it would take full advantage of the Titanium like the Ti Dream, Evora, and Citizen do.

how so>?

I don’t know, to me it just kind of seems like they took an Anglam, removed the rings, and made it Titanium. But I have no evidence for this and there aren’t very detailed pics so I can’t really tell for sure. It might just be that the shape doesn’t really appeal to me anyways.

Tell me about it. >:( If you or myself were to buy a ciTizen, it would cost us 387.35.

Quite frankly, I don’t understand the trend to design and make super expensive yoyos. Seems like it has to be elite and expensive or it’s not worth doing.

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To be honest this looks great but doesn’t seem interesting at all. Most of the ti throws lately seem very generic to me.

They look it, but aren’t. Haven’t tried a Dream yet, but the Citizen was amazing, and the Evora is one of the best yoyos ever made.

Actually, this looks very intriguing to me. The Anglam shape is one that has great play characteristics. A Ti version could be epic. I might wonder if this is similar to a Ti Walker in play. The shapes are very similar.

Anyone who is wondering why all the Titanium yo-yo’s needs only to google the cash, or spot-price of Titanium. The slowdown in the Chinese economy has hit commodities hard and Titanium is no exception.

What this flood of Ti throws tells us, however, is that the claims made by YYF Ben and others about the real cost of making a Titanium yo-yo that actually made money; was true. The price of Titanium was what makes the yo-yo so expensive. Even with the price of Titanium down nearly 50% since he said that; and Ti yo-yo’s are still $300. Much less than before, but still very expensive.

Worth it? That depends on the size of your wallet. I would stack the Dream Ti up against anything (and I have an Evora). It is a first-class yo-yo in all respects. At $300 - what is more expensive? A $300 yo-yo that is just about perfect; it has spin-time rivaling anything, add to that stability and speed that beats anything out there at any price. Or, three “regular” yo-yo’s that are good, but not great?

Exactly what I was thinking. A full size Ti Walker. I’ll take… several.

If Citizen is close to Evora level, I’ll be happy. The Evora dimensions aren’t my favorite and I prefer O shapes… But… I play a lot of my yoyos regularly and I love them all… But… Every time it’s the Evora’s turn… it really does whoop everything.

Titanium is indeed great and as long as this Anglam pushes the weight around in a way that takes advantage of it I’m sure it will be great too. The price though… I mean honestly… For what it is even a 150 yoyo is kind of… Well… I mean, it’s a yoyo and the difference in play is not worth the price tag of the medium.

Only sick twisted freaks like myself (and most of us here) would even think about dropping even 150 on a yoyo.

Anyway, looks like another potentially good yoyo. Doesn’t really impress me with the look of the design (VS Evora) but I’m sure it will play well.

You sound like my wife… ;D

Looks like you would potentially be interested in an iYoyo Tiger. It is a relatively Organic shaped Titanium yoyo that looks like it will have a lot of character. And, because of currency differences and stuff, you can pre-order one at Billybob’s for about $220(200 Euros) so it won’t break the bank as much as an Evora or CiTizen. Just a suggestion based on your preferences.

How bout getting somebody you can trust in the States to buy one for you? And then just ship it to you.

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That’s not the problem. I’ve had at least 400 saved up for years, at the time, it was worth approximately the same as 400 usd. Because of the struggling economy, 400 dollars Canadian is worth much less than 400 dollars American. So if an American wants to pay for it in usd then sell it to me for 400 cad, I’m all for it, but it really wouldn’t make sense.

Looking at it more it LOOKS great ( as in aesthetics) and I love the shape, but I’m a bit bummed at the 66 g weight. I would prefer it to be ~62 but I’m certainly not the typical buyer.