Anglam vs. Sleipnir vs. Chief


Anglam, Sleipnir, Chief, which do you guys think is the best? Not asking for a recommendation, just curious to see the results :slight_smile:

(UmeNagisa) #2

…well I have an Anglam CC not the Anglam
But honestly.
A 3 way tie xD


Not the Chief. Anglam and Sleipnir are both great, just depends if you prefer heavy or light yoyos.

(UmeNagisa) #4

That’s the funny thing. I generally like any weight.
But extreme weights like 70g and 61g always intrigue me.
But I will play anything without bias :slight_smile:


honestly, I like the Sleipnir most
I’m amazed by how a 4 years old yoyo can still be among the best performing yoyos, even today


Other option if you plan on buying new is to wait for Shinya’s new C3 yoyo, the Krown, production run should be right around the corner.


Haven’t tried an Anglam or Sleipnir but I can’t say definitely not the Chief. My YYR Triplet runs rings around it and I hear the Sleipnir is even better, so I can’t see it coming close.

However, that black Anglam with the silver rings looks GORGEOUS.


‘Best’ is pretty subjective. But most likely it’d be the Anglam (though I haven’t tried it). I’d say the Sleipnir outplays the Chief, though I like the Chief more.

I plan on buying an Anglam sometime so I hope it lives up to the lofty expectations everyone else has put it at.

I wholeheartedly agree. Though the red/blue one doesn’t look to shabby either.

(UmeNagisa) #9

The pink with black center and raw rings is pretty gorgeous too c:


Thank you.


A 7075-bodied Anglam is also about to be released.

(UmeNagisa) #12

Since when?!!


Being sold right now at Jap Nats. It’ll be interesting to see how much of a difference the 7075 makes.



I don’t have a Sleipnir yet. Gonna order one soon. I should enjoy it quite a bit.

I have the Anglam and the Chief. The Anglam works better for me. Chief is no less amazing. My preferences and style(or lack there-of), the Anglam is my choice.


I have em all. I will throw in one more because it surprised the heck out of me.

Starting with my personal last choice of the 4. The Chief is a very nice playing yoyo, but just doesn’t click with me. It is my least favorite CLYW yoyo.

I got 2 Sleipnirs back about 2009. A very nice playing yoyo. But after I played with a Messiah, I put the Sleips to sleep.

The Anglam… I really never thought I would end up with an Anglam. I thought it was/is pretty expensive for an Aluminum yoyo with little Ti weight rings. Few aluminum yoyos cost 280 bucks. And a pair of Ti rings does little to justify almost 300 bucks. < and 280 is not very far from 300. But I got a chance to trade for one. I was shaking my head to the very moment I took the Anglam out of the box. Well I’ll be a Monkeys Uncle! I gave the Anglam a good hard throw and when it hit the bottom of the string, I knew something good was attached to my hand. I’ve had and have hundreds of yoyos over the past 15 years. Some yoyos just make a Great first impression. The Anglam is, to me, an Outstanding yoyo.

But I wasn’t done getting impressed yet. The Anglam CC. < oh here we go again. A discount Anglam. An Anglam without the Ti rings. Maybe a simple way to being the price down closer to 200? The rings are made from a secret mystery metal, lol. Coated black to keep you guessing, I guess. Bronze, brass, stainless? Dunno. I know it is not magnetic. But I haven’t really bothered to figure it out. The Anglam CC, I like even More than the Anglam. They are ‘close’ but if I had to give one of the Anglams up, I would let go of the ti ringed Anglam and keep the CC.

So my personal order would be : Anglam(either one), Sleipnir, Chief. But they are all High Performance yoyos. And for the price of the Ti Anglam, you could add a few bucks and buy both a Chief and a Sleipnir.

One a side note, my carry yoyos are Solid playing yoyos that aren’t even on the above list. 1. Doomsday Genesis 2. Berserker RX 3. Puffin. 4. Cascade.

Just like Studio says all the time, it’s all about preferences.


Pure performance, both the Sleipnir and and Anglam are amongst the best around. Personally I prefer the Sleipnir.

The Chief is fantastic, more fun but not as competition-focused as the other two.

And as mentioned there’s some other interesting yoyos coming out soon that you may want to wait for.


He’s right, a great throw even today.


By Jove! A man after me own heart! ^

The Doomsday Genesis is to date my absolute favourite throw, and it just outperforms almost all the rest of my collection (save for my YYRs). I really am suprised that more of a fuss wasn’t made about it, I can’t praise it enough.

Reading this thread makes me want to buy an Anglam.


Doomsday Genesis is so cool looking. It’s one of those throws that got released and kinda languished, i think YYE only sold 1 or 2 in the first week, then suddenly i check a few weeks later and they’re all gone. Definitely going to be a collector imo, looks and plays great(i assume).


I was going to say something very similar to this, but was beat to it. I own a Sleipnir and a Chief, but have never tired the Anglam and I doubt I will ever be able to. Anyway, the Sleipnir is definitely better than the Chief performance wise, but the Chief has more soul to it. I have more fun playing with a Chief but if I were in a competition and had to choose between the two there would be no second thoughts at all. I would pick the Sleipnir. I love the Chief though, and they are both very good yoyos. The Sleipnir just happens to be one of the best, if not the best yoyo you can buy.