C3Yoyodesign Berserker SS








Diameter: 55.32mm
Width: 42.73mm
67.7g; Dif-E-Yo concave bearing.

The Berserker SS is the newest incarnation of the Berserker line from C3YoYoDesign. I have owned quite a few yo-yo’s from C3Yo in the past. I have found them all to be quite well designed and very playable. The only criticisms I can level at them for their yo-yo’s is that they all seem to play the same way. Unlike the CLYW lineup, I have never really found that “C3Yo Feel” in the yo-yo’s I have had. They are all consistently neutral; almost vanilla in their play. It was with a bit of hesitation that I took the plunge on the Berserker SS. I had not found the RX to be much better than the OG Berserker, so I was unsure what to expect from a C3Yo Bi-Metal.

I have bought so many yo-yo’s over the years that I can almost feel how a yo-yo will play by looking at the specs and the pictures (shape). From the pictures, the shape, the ring placement and the size seemed quite like the YYR Draupnir. The rings are slightly smaller and have the scalloped shape like the rims on the YYR E=MC2. I figured that this yo-yo would be the C3 interpretation of the Draupnir; which is super fast, yet floaty. Boy, was I wrong on that. This yo-yo is not a Draupnir. This is an entirely new beast. Did I say beast?



[td]The Berserker SS next to a YYR Draupnir[/td][/tr]

The construction of the Berserker resembles that of the Draupnir. It has Stainless steel rings positioned on the outside of the aluminum body. The rings themselves, are machined to fit the outer profile of the yo-yo as well as having an inner lip cut into the outside. This makes the metal rigs have a slightly different weight characteristic than the straight lines of there Draupnir’s rings. This does seem to have a profound effect on performance when compared with the Draupnir. The Berserker SS is solid and deliberate. Unlike the Draupnir, the Berserker SS has minimal float and its speed is more on the moderate side. Like the Draupnir, it is extremely stable and long-spinning. Let me stress that last sentence again. The Berserker SS is in the same league as the Draupnir when it comes to spin-time and stability. The big difference is in the speed and float category. The releative laid-back speed makes this a most enjoyable, no; fun yo-yo. It is more like a CLYW Canvas - on steroids.

This makes the Berserker SS, a must have, for those who seek a variety of yo-yo play. It is unlike most Bi-Metals on the market today. The Berserker SS is also one of the best yo-yo’s I have ever played for learning new tricks. Its relatively neutral, yet deliberate play allows for experimentation, mistakes and recoveries due to its awesome spin-time and stability. Its low walled catch-zone allows for occasional string hits without sacrificing speed or stability. About the only criticism I have about my Berserker SS is the acid wash anodization. If they could do something more like Monkey-Finger or even the custom splashes from YYF - it would be a rock star in everyone’s collection. As it is; I have learned to stop looking at the colors and focus on the amazing performance of the Berserker SS. Not only is it fun to play, but I can honestly say that it helps me learn new tricks and techniques more easily and quickly due to its forgiving play and superior performance. If you get one, I am sure that you will be pleased with this most excellent yo-yo.


Great review! I pretty much agree with all your points. I think this is a must have yoyo. If you throw this yoyo with all your might you better have something to do with it because it’s gonna come back hard.


Nice Review Geezer. :wink:

I would agree with just about everything you stated. Especially the ano job… :frowning:

I also recently purchased the “Slasher” from sOMEThING. It’s also a Bi-Metal that managed to blow me away with its performance.

The Berserker SS, like you stated, is a beast of its own though and I’m really glad I added it to my ever growing Bi-Metal collection.


C3 has done a lot of great ano (and I’m a fan of acid wash vs. splash) but a single colour acid wash doesn’t pack a lot of excitement. It’s passable but not amazing.

Regarding the play characteristics, I don’t hesitate to posit that the amount of overall weight is what affects the play more than the different shape of the SS rings. 67.7g is going to be a very determined player. Solid and strong has also always been the hallmark of the Berserker line, so I wouldn’t have imagined it would have been Draupnir-like at all.

The review confirms that, and it’s good to hear about the yoyo from someone who has played it! Thanks for sharing.


Interesting all the dislike of the ano. I have the blue/purple/silver one and its easily my best looking throw when spinning. To each their own I guess.


3 colours vs. two. :wink: The extra colour is a world of depth and interest. C3 has GREAT ano usually. This particular one is just kinda plain.


Thanks for the review! I’ve been wondering about this throw. One question: Given the weight (67.7g for Berserker SS vs. 63.5g for Draupnir), shouldn’t the Berserker SS exceed the Draupnir in spin time and stability, rather than just matching it?


I cant speak for the Draupnir but the SS comes back a lot harder than I can get the Space Cowboy to come back.


I am not sure about the physics of this. My experience, however, is that the stability and spin-time for the two are comparable.


I would love to hear your thoughts on this yo-yo. I am on the fence about getting one. Is it a “must have”?


To me, the Anglam is a “Must Have” simply because I absolutely love the way it feels and performs in my hand, and because it’s a bit symbolic of Japanese designs.
The Slasher seems to be the next inevitable evolution of the Anglam. Implimenting a Bi-Metal design resulting in moving the weight further out on the rims. The Slasher retains the familiar feel of the Anglam in my hands, but with the incredible increase of spin from the rim weighting.
It’s a marvelous feeling YoYo. :wink:

If you are enjoying what is happening in Bi-Metal designs, then it seems to me that the Slasher is a “Must Have”…IMO.


How would you compare the Slasher and the Sputnik? They appear to have similar specs.


Excellent points. I thought about the weight difference; but sometimes a heavy yo-yo is fast; sometimes not. The E=MC2 can rock; so can a Gleipnir. I am not sure why this yo-yo is more leisurely. The weight is definitely a factor that I should have noted in my review.



Probably about the same on the initial throw though. The Space Cowboy tends to lose its speed a bit more easily I think, due to its higher walls. We are, however, splitting hairs about great performance on both yo-yo’s. They are both excellent in their own right.

I agree about the Berserker being a “hard-hitter”. Like you said, if you give it a throw, you better have plans… Cheers.


From the pictures, it looks like the Berserker SS has a polished finish. Is this actually the case? If so, I’m assuming it is not good for grinds?

(2Sick Joey) #16

It does have a polished finish and isn’t the best grinder but with a glove I’m sure it’ll grind fine. But really who grinds nowadays!


Honestly … Even with a polished cup I can still do fingerspins which is basically the only grinding people actively do now



Which people?

Finger grinds are on the daily for me. In competition, palm grinds have been seen fairly often in recent memory. Traditional grinds (arm grinds, for example) are also on the way back and have popped up from time to time.

Next you’re going to tell me people don’t do the Matrix anymore. :wink:


I’m just saying that blasted finishes arent a make or break decision for a yoyo anymore

Like the zerker ss. Phenominal yoyo, who cares if it doesn’t have a grind finish.


Actually, some of today’s yoyo’s spin so hard that it makes no difference what kind of finish it has…it’s going to grind anyway!!! cough “slasher” cough ;D