C3Yoyodesign Berserker SS

Me. :wink: I’m waiting for a blasted version.

You’re right, though… there are some yoyos that it WASN’T the make-or-break decision. El Ranchero is a favourite of mine, and it doesn’t have a grind finish. People will get the Berserker SS without that being the make-it-or break it. It’s on a per-case basis, I guess. The Berserker is borderline for me… it would be unique enough in my collection that tomorrow I might change my mind. So being that I’m a grind-heavy player and I’m STILL considering it? Yeah, you’re right-- lots of people will and should get it without having grind finish being a factor at all.

I just got a Berserker SS and it is deadly fast. I can’t imagine a Draupnir at 57mm with this speed

referring to hiroyukis EJA performance?

That bind/regen was sick :stuck_out_tongue: (but he was wearing gloves)

2015 EJA?

Actually it plays quite fast when I played with it and how you see shinya used it.

Just referring to H.S. SometHing “slasher” itself. Spins so hard/fast it would still grind even if you had glue on your skin!

Wait nvm just realized the Irony JPX is almost 58mm