C3Yoyo Design Berserker Review by NJStringer

C3Yoyo Design Berserker Review by NJStringer

Butterfly shape
67.9 grams
57.00 mm diameter
43.85 mm width
4.75mm gap
Stock Bearing: C size Center Trac 8 ball bearing
Stock Response System: 19mm slim pad

Material: aluminum
Price at time of review: $180 (excludes shipping costs)

In the Box:
C3Yoyo Design Berserker
1 poly string

The amazing beast of a yoyo known as the Berserker is a unique yoyo that comes in what has come to be C3Yoyo Designs signature colorways. When I say “signature” I refer to the choice of color combinations and final product quality as C3Yoyo has become somewhat synonymous with quality anodizing and colorway combinations that are sublime and consistently amazing. Being the owner of hundreds of yoyos I still find it amazing that much of my collection hails in black and blue and red. My review Berserker arrived in a pleasing black ano with a green splash…a true rare combo in my current collection. The raw, high density inner weight ring adds a bright contrast to the dark finish and each ring is engraved with the C3Yoyo Design logo while the center of one bowl contains the Berserk graphics. Available colorways include: Blue with pink splash and silver weight ring, red with yellow splash and silver ring and some limited editions which are red with black weight ring, gold with black weight ring as well as a stunning all silver body and ring combination.


Sticking with the tried and true method of producing a solid, heavy weight of a throw the Berserker comes in a butterfly shape and weighs in at a string-tugging 67.9 grams. The chosen name for this throw is suited based on the weight - this is truly a heavy throw…on paper. I have to mention that because so often people get hung up on specs without trying a throw to see how it feels in hand, at the end of the string and most importantly of all it if suits their own style of play. The Berserker may seem heavy based on the specs but the method of design chosen for this particular throw has aimed to provide substantial rim weight while maintaining stability. Those who have been in the community for some time know that the physics of design call for rim weight and central hub weight to create the necessary force for spin and stability. I don’t aim to give a lesson on physics but will state that it is possible to create something that is heavy and yet “feels” lighter than it is. Such a feat was, quite often aimed at architects for final exams where a building model had to be created that weighed less than the given supply of materials. This is not an easy task and here, in the Berserker, it has been accomplished.

The overall feel in hand of this throw is pleasant with a wide catch zone consisting of a three step catch zone which begins with a a curved inner rim surface which transitions to a flat, angled inner section which makes up most of the catch zone before another transition into a smaller step before hitting the wall before the response groove. The shape reminds me of the Double-V shape of the Trident and Dark Sonic…a shape that has become somewhat of a sub-category of the butterfly shape and has quite often yielded some incredible, stable, solid throws.

One notable aspect of this throw’s design is the addition of the weight ring, each of which is made of high density aluminum. Now, rim weighted yoyo’s are nothing new but, when you consider the challenges of creating such a yoyo that is devoid of vibe, or worse yet pulse, the Berserker lies among some of the most stable throws with a weight ring. The ring itself adds a good amount of weight to the rims and doubles as an IGR. From the outer rim there is a slight transition towards the weight ring which itself has a smooth, pleasing feel. The weight ring transitions to a small step and the to a larger, angled step before the final transition to the flat bowl of each half.

On a Throw:

First impressions are, from my experience, so very often tainted by personal history. WIth that being said, I saw the Berserker in its little box and thought to myself “Vibe. This thing is going to vibe.” I sat back and fiddled with it a bit (the yoyo that is) and decided that I obviously needed to get it on the end of the string before coming to such a conclusion. The Berserker was, after all, a C3Yoyo throw which meant that it wasn’t released as a half-finished design. This was a production run. The final piece. A concept come alive with all the elements in place and something of quality and pride. On a throw…the very firs throw and all those following there was not a single vibe or pulse or minor quake to the Berserker. Each throw is silky smooth. When you take into consideration the number of throws out there that vibe and are not composite designs the Berserker’s success in quality, vibe-free design is impressive.

On a throw, the wide catch zone offers a large target for the string and although more of a heavy weight in terms of grams you can push the Berserker to speed and one can tell where the design of the catch zone width and geometry was aimed. The catch zone is complimented by the substantial rim weight thanks to the carefully machined and precision installed weight rings in each rim. As IGR’s go the Berserker leaves nothing to desire in terms of thumb grinds and the final finish is C3Yoyo’s always smooth and pleasant, ever-so-grindable surface. Overall the design itself lends to long, extensive play and incredible stability.

Stock Bearing and Response:

The Berserker comes loaded with a Center Trac bearing which compliments the overall design and lends to the playability of the throw. For those who enjoy flat bearing play you won’t be disappointed and personally I found that in terms of binds a flat bearing was slightly more consistent…but honestly this is a throw that is going to play well with any bearing. The included response, 19mm slim pads, are always a joy to play; break in time is on the lean side, the response is consistent over the life of play and who can complain with a response pad that is relatively affordable and easy to change on the fly? But…I’m also known for my love of flowable. I do not own a single C3Yoyo throw that I haven’t siliconed at this point and the Berserker is no exception. A groove that supports 19mm slim pads does silicone well and at this point I love playing my Berserker with some slightly recessed flowable.

In the End:

The Berserker by C3Yoyo Design continues the companies long line of incredible designs and wonderfully appealing colorways. As a composite design that incorporates a weight ring into the rims this throw is a serious player and an incredible accomplishment of design application and machining. This is one of C3Yoyo’s more expensive offerings but still affordable when one considers the quality of the materials and final design. My daily throw selection has grown with the addition of the Berserker and I think that once you try one out you will love it as much as I do.

seriously, if my yoyo design ever becomes reality i’m going to offer you some bucks to do my review and photos!

not sure which is better the photos or your reviews…but no matter…keep’em coming bro!!!

This, ladies and gentlemen, is how you do a review. Well done!

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One thing though, not to criticize your spectacular review, I noticed a small error, and I thought you would like to know. In the On A Throw section, you Mis-typed first… I’m sure you can spot it… Just something I though you would like to know, sorry if it came off as me criticizing you, as that is definitely the opposite of what you deserve!

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