Berserker titanium

who wants to bum me $600?

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I did confirm we will have a couple of them available at YoYoExpert in the future.

Honestly - the Berserker was always one of my favorite designs from C3!


This is going to be insane. I’ll start saving now.

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Inner-ring TiSS on a raw finish seems self-contradictory. TiSS lets you maximise rim weight ratio, but inner ring means you can probably achieve similar weight distribution with Al-SS. Another appeal for inner ring may be for a nice matte finish on the outer rim, but this is defeated by the raw titanium finish.

I am probably over-thinking, perhaps the titanium outside the SS is super thin and whether its inner right or outer ring makes no difference. I also notice the SS doesn’t seem to go to the edge. So it seems like it was a conscious effort to bring the ring closer to center, which makes it less stubborn on tilting. This seems to also be done on the YYR onslaught where they want the width without the weight at the edge by using plastic caps. Also that 68 g weight stands out to me the most. Is there a comparable yoyo in terms of spec available? 68 g, smaller than OG draupnir diameter narrower than hummingbird, hard V, inner right bi-metal?

Not quite understanding the design logic. At the same price, the Hummingbird TiSS seems a better buy, which last i checked are still in stock with yyf.

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But now you can spark it


yes !!! it will drop in YYE soon

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a yoyo fire starter!?!?!