An opinion on the Berserker SS

For anyone who may be interested, the Berserker SS is everything the Berserker and the Berserker RX should have been, and more. I actually got rid of my RX due to what I considered to be inadequate spintimes. Likewise with my Krown! Both were a big disappointment to me, but the SS is right up there with all of the top, long spinning yoyos of the day, and as smooth of a spinner as you will find. For myself, the SS stands for both “stainless steel” and for “SUPER SPORT”! And a super sport it is! The best yet, to come out C3yoyodesign. This yoyo totally rocks!


I’ve been wondering about it thanks

Disappointed by the Krown?!
I can hardly believe it

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My biggest problem with the Berserker SS is the anodizing on the current run. The choice of silver for the background makes the laser impossible to see and the acid-wash is just a disaster. It is a pity that they made such a fine yo-yo look so bad.

I have the purple one and I absolutely love the finish. It looks amazing to me while spinning. Takes on a nice violet color. The silver base is totally want makes it for me. I don’t have a ton of throws but the SS is easily my favorite to throw and to look at.

I will certainly agree. Mine looks great, when spinning. The silver makes it look iridescent. Standing still, however, is where I have my problems. The acid wash is splotchy and the laser-engraving is really hard to see.

I would have preferred if they used a solid color to contrast with SS rings (Pink and SS-rings; oh my!). The laser-engraving would be readable and the spin would look fantastic with better anodization layout and planning. I have never found C3Yo to have particularly compelling anodization. That may be just me though.

I certainly like my Berserker SS. While not the YYR Draupnir, I would put it somewhere between the YYF Space-Cowboy and the Draupnir. It is, however, a very different feeling yo-yo than the Draupnir. The Berserker SS has ferocious, long-lived spin, but is not particularly fast. It is more leisurely. Like a Gleipnir; but with less heft. Is is hoppy though; and carries its spin very well when compared with the Space Cowboy.

It is a great contrast to most other Bi-Metals on the market. If you are someone who buys yo-yo-s to see how new designs play; this is a must have. Its play is totally un-expectd from both the pictures and specs; but in good way:-) It is pleasure to play with.

Cheers All.

I’d pick one up if I hadn’t sworn off high dollar yoyos recently.