I am looking to get a new yoyo, and the Berserker sparked my interest. I haven’t seen many reviews on it, so i would like to see if anyone has used it and can inform me of how it plays and if it is worth the money.

It is the smoothest yoyo I have ever thrown, hand down. Beats OD and CLYW and definitly General yo. It even has weight rings that have to be ADDED on to the yoyo, THE smoothest ever, no questions asked.

It is full sized and it can move fast. Not too fast but I would say a pretty quick moderate speed. It is a very solid throw but it does not thunk and the bottom of the string when you throw it.

Thumb grinds are actually very easy thanks to the lip on the inside of those weight rings. Regular grinds are ok and do-able but not easy like a blasted surface.

Spin times are great and stability is awesome as well.

Worth that price tag…in my opinion no. I would never drop that much money for that throw. Probably since I like my throws light and floaty and it is more solid. Not heavy feeling but just solid. I say try the bst and see if you can buy one used or try and trade for one. BUT if all else fails and you have the money and want to bite the bullet and pay for one then I say go for it.

Very good yoyo and the absolute smoothest ever (and I have tried plenty of yoyos) but I think that 180 is a bit steep of a price tag.

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