Birthday throw - C3, YYR or something else?

I’m looking for a Birthday present for myself, and am torn as to what to pick up. I tend to favor larger, more stable throws with a good bit of weight. For that reason I have been looking at:
C3 Beserker RX
YYR Clash 2012 (I have a Z-ON and Gleipnir)
TP Outsider
YYR Triplet (disappointed it’s not ano’d)
maybe even a Stealth Ogre just for fun.

Any suggestions or views on these would be greatly appreciated. I should point out that my only YYR concern is that their throws will end up being ‘samey’ - the shapes for several look similar differing only very slightly in weight and diameter. I’d like to try something maybe a little different so ideas off this list would be great too. Thanks in advance.

YYR stuff looks samey but they all play quite differently. You can get a silver with purple speckle ano Triplet from YYR directly.


So what would you recommend? :slight_smile:

If you want something really different, the Clash is a good choice or you could go one step further and get a Dreadnought. The Turning Point Prominence isn’t too shabby either.


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I know for a fact you didn’t really like the Bape.2, so I think you’ll like either the E=mc or the Blink. they are both amazing 52mm yoyos, quite possibly the best in their class. I like the Blink quite a bit more, your preferences may vary. You have larger YYR right now, so try their smaller stuff!

pssst…the 6 is the best undersize, ever.

I had thought about the Dreadnought too, and that seems like a decent choice - I hadn’t really considered the prominence although I will now. Just made the choice list longer though :wink: But thanks for the advice. I might stay away from undersized throws, I’m not a huge fan and I’d rather not be disappointed by what I purchase, but I could go down into the midsize kind of range, but certainly no smaller than 54 mm I think.

I think YYR undersize play amazing. If you’re worried about spin times that’s definitely not an issue. But the Acrophobia sits right at 54mm. It plays super floaty and light.