Yoyorecreation suggestion?


Since the crazy price drop of all YYRs i finally decide to pick one ;D, this is the chance of a lifetime because i heard the price will be set normal once this run is over.
I play at medium pace, my style is kinda slacky, techy with arm tricks. I personally prefer yoyos that’s not too solid but not too floaty either, but i’m more on the floaty side.

Which do you suggest?


bump because no one is replying ???. More preferences:
Width: not less than 41mm, about 43mm is perfect
Diameter: ~56mm, a tad smaller is okay but anything bigger than that won’t do for me
Weight: Like i said i like yoyos that is not too floaty and not too solid either, but i’m more on the floaty side




If you use a lot of slack tricks, I would go with either the Fragment or the Blink.

The Fragment is Ryosuke Iwasawa’s signature throw and the Blink is Tatsuya Fujisaka’s. Both of those players use A LOT of slack tricks.


Bump. Threads asking the same thing get replies yet mine doesn’t >:(



I’ve heard that when undecided, your first YYR ‘should’ be a Sleipnir. Just like your first CLYW should be a Chief if you have no idea which one to get.