First YYR... Need help deciding.


So I realized I have a lot of money and wanted to try YYR since I’ve heard great things about them!

So here is the list of things I really prefer on a throw, which will make it much easier on you guys hopefully!

Diameter: Between 54mm and 57mm.
Width: Honestly doesn’t matter.
Gap Width: Not to wide, not to small.
Weight: Between 66 grams to 69 grams.

Play: If I had to choose between 1-10, 1 being really floaty and 10 being really solid I’d a 7 I like more solid throws.

If you guys could give me any suggestions and like mini reviews on YYR that are like what I stated above that’d be amazing! :slight_smile:


No time for any mini reviews, but you should definitely check out the ReClash. Unusual shape for a YYR, but it is just a pure delight to throw.

And now comes the onslaught of Sleipnir suggestions :smiley:


Yeah the ReClash does have a different shape to it, looks good.

The one i’ve really been looking at is the Gleipnir, has the specs I enjoy.


Get the Gleipnir!! It’s a happy medium of the dimensions/weight/solidness your looking. It’s great!!


Sleinirif you can findone. If not, then the gleipnir


For me, the Sleipnir is to YYR what the Chief is to CLYW. Kind of the flagship and essence of the brand. For that reason i’d say Sleipnir. The ReClash is probably really good aswell (there’s a review of it here somewhere)


Okay so it’s between Gleipnir and the Sleipnir.

But since the Sleipnir is lighter then what I like most likely the Gleipnir.

Thanks guys! ;D