Guide to YYR yoyos

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Don’t be mislead, I’m not giving you a guide! I’m asking for one!

YoYoRecreation (or 44re:creation back in the day) has many different throws but they are almost all identical. I believe the Sleipnir is just a smaller in diameter version of the Draupnir? No…Messiah and Sleipnir? I don’t know. They are almost all the exact same shape it seems. I want one, but they’re expensive and I’d like to know my options.

Thanks :slight_smile:


AFAIK, the Sleipnir is actually a tad bigger than the Draupnir and has a much sharper profile. If you’re after some advice on YYR related matters, your best bet would be to hop on over to the YoyoRecreation Appreciation thread and ask there. There are just too many different models to do a side by side comparison.



Look at their specs, they normally give you pretty good idea of how a yoyo will play.


I have read more inaccurate statements over the years; although I can’t think of any more inaccurate at the moment.

You can read specs all year long… And they will give you very little real performance on the string reality.

I read specs all the time. But they seldom are useful beyond a basic level.

Not sure how you came up with that?


Yoyos with a higher size to weight ratio normally play floatier and faster, etc. Along with pictures of the profile you can normally understand the general feel a throw will have.

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Yeah I looked at the benchmark specs. I can totally feel the difference in play now.



-Along with pictures of the profile

You’re not going to be 100% accurate with an estimation or feel anything by reading.


Now that you have been a little more specific; I would agree your enhanced explanation make much more sense.


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Guys. We are off topic. I agree with all of you. You’re all my bros.

But anyway.

Is the Messiah the only YYR throw that’s undersized? That would make the decision for me really easy.


I know there’s also the clashcube and six along with their proto throw


And the Six. I’d get the messiah.


I would say in today’s standards the Blink and E=MC2 are in tge “undersized” catagory at 52mm diameter. I havent tried these but I hear they both have the same shape and the only real difference is the blink weight 65 grams while the e=mc2 weighs a hefty 69 grams!

Also I would say the Fragment and Uragment fit into “undersized and light” throws. They both have basically the same diameter, the Fragment 52.5mm Uragment 52.4mm. The Fragment weight a zippy 61.2grams and the Uragment even lighter at 58.9 grams!! These are hard to find on the BST, seen a few fragments, no uragments though. Good luck if you want these…

Also a note…the Fragment, Uragment, and Six use D sized bearings, so keep that in mind. If you only like sized C bearings these might not be for you…

There is a Mr Butcher then another lighter model off that but i forgot what its called right now…its getting too late :slight_smile:

Hope that helps you, alot of YYRs are either oversized or atleast fullsized but there are some undersizeds…

One more…this is getting more to small full sized but having the same diameter as the Puffin people call undersized I thought it might be worth looking into, its an awesone throw…

The ATTUNE! Hahah. I thought it had a 54mm diameter but its actually 55mm, so undersized is a bit of a stretch but it didnt play like a full size what so ever to me…

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Carsonel knows his stuff, folks. And although I hate to ignore most of what he said, what I’m hearing is that the Messiah is the smallest (in diameter) YYR throw with a C-sized bearing?


As far as I know, yup, the Messiah is the smallest of the C-bearings.