Yoyorecreation Draupnir or Sputnik?

I’m thinking about getting a new throw and the one company that kept popping up when I was looking was Yoyorecreation. The instant I decided on Yoyorecreation I new it had to be "the legendary yo-yo from Yoyorecreation, the Draupnir. Being the only throw I new just by reputation, it seemed like a no brainer at the time. At least until I had a look at some of the others on the Yoyorecreation page, and none really popped out at me until I reached the Sputnik. Mainly its organic O-shape and the more uncommon placement of the steel rings drew me in. I decided to look more into it, only to find that there are an extremely small amount of reviews on it. So right now I want to know if the Sputnik can compare to the Draupnir in terms of play.

I can not be of help because I never throw one Sputnik, but my advice is, if you have the opportunity, to try both before. this is because the feelings that each of us tries with a yoyo for the most part are entirely personal and subjective … I eg Draupnir I consider it a great yoyo but I do not find in him a great feeling and I rarely use this because … by a yoyo of 63,5 gr. I expect games like a yoyo of that weight and instead gives me the feeling of 67-68 gr. and this thing I do not like (for example much prefer the Start the Riot …)

The Draupnir performs better, the Sputnik is probably more unique.

I have played both. TLDR is that I still own a Draupnir not a Sputnik. Frankly the Draupnir is a fast light machine of a throw (although for this category get an UNPRLD flash imo) and the Sputnik is a slightly undersized heavy boring brick. For a yo-yo that plays slightly lighter and is close to the size get a yyr blink. They come up used for like 70-80$. Worth every cent. I hope this helps. If you prefer heavy throws go Sputnik if you prefer faster lighter throws go draupnir. Overall performance winner is the Draupnir.