Draupnir or Sleipnir

So… which should I save my money for

Both are great yoyos. Draupnir plays a bit lighter and quicker than the sleipnir I find. Of course there is a pretty decent price difference between the two, so if you an justify spending a bit more for the draup, it could be worth it. I would say that the Draupnir would not be a yoyo I would have around as a daily carry where as a sleipnir would be more so, while alternatively if you are a player who wants to delve into sharper competition practice, the draup could be useful (not saying one is that much different over the other in terms of doing well in a competition though).

Either way you go, you are bound to be satisfied however.

Both are great, but the Draupnir definitely feels faster, and really on a different level. I was eyeing the new Sleipnirs for a while but I want a new mountain bike so I’m holding off. In short, the answer is the same as you will get for any of the other “what yoyo should I buy” threads- both are good, get whatever you want and/ or can afford. Both will go down in the books as top notch throws.

I imagine it would be like a better IronyJPX

^The sleipnir?

Honestly, Draupnir is probably “better”

It being Bi-metal makes it like an “upgraded sleipnir” in my eyes (haven’t played a sleipnir but have heard alot about it)

But with its price tag, a sleipnir at almost half price might be more appealing.

So, do you want good for $100
or better for another $100

Sleipnir will be different from the irony but not really better

Draupnir will have some obvious performance increases and differences though besides just the shape

Would anyone recommend a Palpitation?

There’s a segment of the yoyo world for whom competition-oriented feel and performance is everything. A large majority of those people will recommend the Palpitation. :wink: It’s regarded by many as the best yoyo in its category right now.

Me, I’d rather a Leviathan 5, but I’m quirky that way.

So the Palpitation is a better buy than the Draupnir? If so i’m a fan of Takeshi anyway

Can you give is a desc of how you play/ what style you are trying to achieve?

Are you more of a takeshi/zach or a hiroyuki/iori

Some say palpitation and some say draupnir. At that point it comes down to whether you want something lighter or heavier.

Palpitation being heavier of lighter

Palp heavier Draup light

Palp more stable(I think) and maybe a little more spin time

Draup is faster and lighter. More horizontally capable.

I don’t know which I like better though :confused:

AHH those are my 4 favorite players! I guess ill go with Draupir

I don’t think the sleipnir or the draupnir are in stock anywhere anymore.

I would be waiting for a new run

Lol :slight_smile:
Maybe using players was bad; was meaning to point out speed/style of yoyoing associated w/ the yoyo

Also, i hope the term of “heavy” didn’t sway you away from the palp.
It’s like comparing a classic to a shutter, the shutter is “expensive” compared to it, but in hindsight, it isn’t.