Is the palpitation worth it

I got a draupnir, and now I’m thinking about the other extreme the palpitation. Though I have heard good things about this yoyo I have also heard it is somewhat boring, so you can understand I have a problem spending 250$ on it. Thoughts?

Not boring at all! If its worth it to buy a really good yoyo for that price, the palpitation is great! Of course i dont know your preferences, but if you like the specs, go for it! its great :slight_smile:

Its definetly worth it .

I have a more sought after older run one for $165 basically mint :wink:

For me the palpitation, slasher, and draupnir all fall in the top tier category where they all generally meet the same performance but each of them excels in a different area. I’d say to go for it since it’s on par with the draupnir in my opinion.

So if the draupnir is speed and the palpitation is stability where does the slasher fit in

Lots of people have been talking about the Palp recently, and for good reason. It is an amazing throw.

If you’ve got the money, then you can spend $250 for it. But, it would be a more justifiable purchase if you get one for a lower price.

If you want something smaller, I’ve heard that the Leviathan 6 plays like a mini Palp.

Well, not necessarily. The Draup is still super stable and the Palp can be pushed to very high speeds. Both are great though. The Slasher has a completely different feel from those 2. It’s really fast (not Draup fast, but still fast), while still maintaining excellent stability (not like the Palp’s stability, but still stable), power and maneuverability.


You might wanna wait for some opinions on the new Anglam 2. It looks really awesome.

I completely agree.

Now the lev 6 looks awesome! I have needed a small yoyo for a while now, but the price :’(

Maybe the nobunaga

Yoyostudiollama has the trick motion

Anyone played the palpitation and the leviathan 6?

Levi 6 plays closer to a smaller Palpitation.

Rather thana smaller isotope 2

I am going to buy a palpitation. Hopefully I wont be disappointed ;D

you wont be :smiley: have fun with it

Buy it from yoyojamizm. best deal youll find

With any Turning Point yoyo, you can’t go wrong. But is the performance worth the price? If it was 50 USD less I would buy it.

Man its so much I might get a clyw orca or zachs new signature

if you re looking for performance, get the palpitation :smiley: no clyw beats that

No. It is not worth it.