Turning Point Palpitation or Isotope 2.

Title pretty much says it all. But I pretty much want to know which one plays better.

I’m just looking for general thoughts on these two yoyos.

Ps. I know I post a lot of topics but its hard to decide XD And I want to make sure I get a good throw.

I dont have an isotope 2, but my Palpitation takes up like 95% of my time throwing since i got it a few weeks back. Its not mega fast but plays fast enough for everything for sure. It feels fun to throw and is performancewise amazing! If you get a Palp, you cant be disappointed, there is a reason why people put it up there with the draupnir.
From all i can tell the Isotope2 is just a little (and i mean a little!) lighter. Everyone says they are very similar but i d go with a palpitation since its much more talked about that the iso.

I’ve never tried the Isotope 2, but I can tell you that the Palpitation is awesome. Some people say that the Palp plays heavy, but I think it feels just right, with a nice precense on the string. It’s super stable, easily maneuverable, quite fast, and has a powerful spin that lasts a long time. I do agree that it’s right up there with the Draupnir. Out of every yoyo I own, it’s the only throw I loved enough to get second one. Although, I would still say that $254 isn’t worth it. I got mine at $207 in Japan. If you can find one below $200, that would be great.

For me 250 are worth it :smiley: but of course getting it cheaper is always better :smiley: really want to get a 2. one too.

I think someone is actually selling one in great condition on the bst? check it out!



A 3rd run Orange palpitation with one tiny surface mark

You should consider it :wink:

Yeah I saw that, I wish they had that color somewhere. Sadly my parents wont let me use the BST :confused:

The guy is very credible (as far as i know) and its much cheaper, and if you pay via paypal you d be safe from scamming. maybe you can convince them :wink: good luck!

It kills me to know you’ll pay $250+ for a new run palpitation .
Considering the older runs are a lot better , and the orange one is pretty sought after

I love both, but I was able to buy my Palpitation for $65. So beat up, but soooo good. I’ve been playing with it so much since I got it.

Yeah sadly my parents don’t really trust stores besides Yoyoexpert :confused: So the BST isn’t really an option.

I’d like to hear more about Isotope 2. I think I’d like the Iso weight better than Palp weight.

That blue purple palp is calling my name though…

Why are the older run Palps considered better than newer runs?

According to people on the Facebook BST the older runs where smaller and less mass manufactured .

I have played a newer run and my old run orange . the old run does play smoother

try a shorter axle

I’m going to get one tee hee

Isotope 2 is lighter and faster with little difference in spin or stability.

So the difference I heard is

Palpitation: little heavier, (slightly)more stable, more spin, little slower

Isotope 2: lighter, faster, little less stable.


Yep. That’s exactly it .
Personally I like the palpitation more