One Drop Format C or Turning Point Isotope 2


Apologies if this question has already asked, but I can´t find it in the forums.
My bday is coming and I´m going for a high end yoyo, the Format C and the Isotope 2 (Isotope 2B as well) are my aim, but I haven´t played any of them and I can´t decide, price is not an issue, I want to hear opinions to make my mind.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


I’ve not tried any, but the Isotope 2 is more expensive, therefore it’s better ;D


hehe, not in my experience, in example, my $18 N12 Magic Yoyo plays as good as my $49 Shutter (both using ceramic bearings).


Anyway, I’ve heard but good things about both of these throws

(Former National 4A Champion) #5

Amen. I haven’t tried either, but here’s my $0.02.
If you’re buying it for performance, get a Format C; the extra price of the Isotope will not give you that much extra performance if it gives you any at all.
Get an isotope if you’re obsessed with Takeshi’s 1a freestyles, because that is what he used.
Overall, both are great yoyos, format C is cheaper, isotope has more cred.


I’ll have an Isotope 2 here in about one hour. I’ll let you know.