Bring back the Format:C, the world's greatest yoyo!

Hey guys, One Drop really needs to bring back the Format:C. It’s sad that they created the greatest monometal yoyo of all time which exceeds the performance of some bimetals, then just stopped producing it. With a superior shape and weight distribution for super long spin times, perfect for long, flashy combos, lightning-fast speed and tech combos, intricate mounts, and superior 7075 aluminum, for extra power in horizontal tricks. Join the community at Reddit at: r/FormatCProject. You can also show your support by asking One Drop for a rerun by emailing them at: Thank you for your support!


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Forreal tho, I can get behind this. Format C was one of the first One Drops I can remember trying, and at the time I thought it was one of the best yoyos I’d thrown. Haven’t thrown one since though and yoyo design has come a long way in that time. So it would be interesting to get a re-release to see if it still holds up.


I have one and haven’t thrown it in years. Probably the 2nd or 3rd high end yoyo I bought. I’ll have to dig it out and play it now. Unfortunately it’s pretty dinged up.

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I’ve been throwing my Format - C the last few days actually. It’s really quite great. Powerful but not too dense feeling, fairly fast playing for 65+g, decent at horizontal and reliable binds without snags. :+1:


Can it be better than the vtwo?!

Add it to the list here lol


interesting take! i always thought the format:c was a sweet yoyo in its heyday, just not mindblowing what with people raving more about the kuntosh, top deck, valor/vtwo and mmc. 20/20 format:c would be dope though, it’s gonna look way better without the axle holes.

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20/20 format:c would go hard. better, updated, cheaper with current OD pricing. good idea.


I would love a Format C. The shape seems perfect to me. I would love it for 5a

Pulled out because of this thread.


I approve of this message

Format: C 20/20 would hit


I approve of this approval.