Format:C Thoughts?

When you guys get the Format:C, post your thoughts here ;D

I really, really like mine. It’s unlike any other One Drop to date!


Purple, on the way. My first thought…anticipation.

Ok, I think I can say a few words about it. :slight_smile:

I agree with db, it is unlike anything I have thrown before from One Drop.

What qualities set it apart? I read the review, and I am unclear why this is so unlike OneDrop’s other yo-yo’s?

The qualities mentioned in the review that you seem to touch on the most are the looks. Is the what you are speaking about? Or, is it the “incredible spin times while also being rock solid stable on the string” that you noted in the review?

Played with a friends format and it felt like a really light throw with great spin times. I liked it!

I’m going out on a limb here and assuming that DMYoYo has already read the Chris’ review. You obviously have. I’ve thrown every single One Drop made, with the exception of a couple of GZR versions. My feedback to DMYoYo was simple and straight to the point. It’s nice and it plays like no other One Drop. Chris concurred. This thread is not about Chris’ review, it’s about DMYoYo’s query. If you have issues with Chris’ review, please take it to the appropriate thread, and quit railroading other forum users’ threads.

DMYoYo, I’m sorry that my comments and opinions have caused the trolling to return. Some people really need to grow up. My comment still stands, the Format:C plays unlike any other One Drop. Quite a yoyo, really!


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Well if you must know, it have a different feel than other One Drops. DB and I have a similar background with One Drop. I have also, with the exception of some of their prototypes, played every single model the have produced. Every company has their own unique feel to them that spans across all their models. It is hard to describe but if you play them enough you can tell a yoyo is made by a certain company, even if it comes in a blank box with no markings on the yoyo. I can do it with One Drop, General Yo, and many other brands and I am sure you can do the same with YYR, Turning Point, and others as well. The Format:C still has a little bit of the One Drop feel but they have freshened it up to a point that it has a crazy unique feel to it, and I quite like it. It is hard to explain and comes off quite esoteric but that is the best I can do.

The funny thing is, I am by no means a competition player yet my favorite metal yoyos from One Drop have been their competition oriented designs, the Burnside, Chik, and Format:C.

I think I understand. The quintessential brand for that is CLYW. There is just something about the way they play… right? As for YYR, yes, they have a unique feel to them as well.

I am super-hyped to get my Format C: also.

Yeah, CLYW definitely has a unique feel that permeates throughout the brand.

To put it in a way that may clear it up for you. Take the YYR feel, now have them make a yoyo that changes that feel in such a way that it has just a hint of the traditional YYR feel while taking it in a completely new direction that just resonates with you more than any other yoyo in their line… THAT is what One Drop did with the Format:C.

Given the timings of these throws being released, it is perhaps a touch ironic that I’m guessing this is exactly how people are finding the Draupnir. I would very much like one of both. The Format C: looks like it might be one of the few OD to ‘resonate’ with me. The only thing I might desire is a little more weight. In the past I’ve waited for a GZR version, but this time around I’ll have to just bite the bullet…

Oinge should arrive tomorrow! I can give a first impression, but it’ll take a few weeks to write anything down worth much.

I got one on Sat at the BLC in costa mesa. I must say it is the smoothest yoyo that I have ever thrown.

I played one. Instantly became a favorite for me. PLays like a fighter jet.

I have had mine for a few weeks now and a few impressions:

Smoothest One Drop I have ever played.

Best playing One Drop I have ever played (I have owned and played them all)

The combination of floaty and solid feel are awesome… It has excellent spin time and really moves quick. Some yoyo’s that play fast sometimes play too fast for me. I tend to play at a medium to fast pace and it can match my pace like very few yoyo’s I have played. The feel in the hand is superb too.

I love everything about this yoyo. It has easily lived up to my expectations. Every single person who has played mine has said that they loved it. Also, we all agree that it has a feel all too itself. You can tell it is a One Drop but there is just something else… It is hard to explain…

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I’ve been playing with my Format:C for the past what, 6 months? To be honest, it was a hard for me to get used to the shape. I’m used to flatish rims. But something about the Format:C got me hooked. The Sight Lines are so subtle and classy. “Iconic” is how Yuuki described it to me. Seriously plays like nothing else onedrop has released to date. I’m not going to go into detail about play, because everyone has a different definition on solid, floaty and stable. All I’m going to say is that when you push it, new levels are reached. Really got to try one for yourself.

A lot went into the creation of this yoyo. Through intensive prototyping, the Format:C is here to turn frowns upside down.


Since this is a “thoughts” thread I’ll share mine thus far. I’ve had a Format:C for all of 1 hour now but it is all I’ve played in that one hour.

Out of the box this throw is beautiful. That strip of silver really does catch your eye and make you drool. Aesthetically, the single color (I purchased orange) really is exactly right on. Splash/speckle/acid washes would absolutely be an injustice.

The throw is as expected: smooth, silent, and all that stuff that comes with a brand-new 10 ball. I wouldn’t say it’s any more or less smooth than any other One Drop I’ve ever thrown with a new 10 ball. The feel on the string is absolutely unique. It both does and does not feel like a One Drop. My hands are smaller and I try to lean towards midsize throws but this thing flows and plays beautifully in my smaller hands, possibly because it’s smaller and lighter than than the Yeti, which has been my primary throw since Worlds. The Pyramatte finish on the 7075 is very cool. Somehow it seems to be both more shiny, more smooth, and better at grinding than Pyramatte on 6061? This could all be in my head, but I am routinely pulling off better finger and arm grinds with the Format:C than I did with a Cascade or Code 2. I should have maybe picked up a GZR when they were released to see if this is in my brain or if Pyramatte really does somehow grind better on 7075. Grinding isn’t that important though. What’s important is that once again One Drop designed and manufactured yoyo that is well worth the money. I know I’m only an hour in but I’m looking forward to many extended hours with this guy, it’s very fun and very intense. I’m not that amazing a player, but this yoyo absolutely makes me go, “Oh man! I wish I was better because I feel like I’m not good enough for all the stuff this is capable of!!!” I know any yoyo is pretty much capable of anything but really, this is the first throw in a while that made me think, “Darn, I really need to step my game up.” Time to get practicing…

^^^ Very well said…

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I got mine (in beautiful oinge) at 11am, and I’ve been playing it as much as I can while also minding the children (ie. not VERY much).

It’s exactly what I expected it to be, and since I had high hopes, that’s a good thing! I think N8dogg and other posters have already summed up most of my feelings on it… but I wanted to take a moment to agree that somehow the pyramatte on the 7075 seems to be a better grinder. No idea why. It’s still not as long-grinding as a good soda or bead blast, but it lets you use grinds with more confidence.

I’ve only JUST learned Superman, and I have a tendency to get tilty when I do that trick. I have to correct my tilt very often as I work on getting better technique with the trick. Throwing with the format:C, I found it stayed a lot straighter than many of my other throws (and I nailed Superman first try, but that’s probably because of the heightened concentration of throwing a new yoyo for the first time!). Yet, it doesn’t have that preternatural “impossible to knock off axis” feeling… with really bad technique (like mine!) it will still tilt eventually, and it responds very quickly to adjustments and corrections.

I don’t say any of this as a bad thing-- on the contrary, I think that this is a yoyo that is extremely forgiving to mediocre technique, and yet still lets you be “in” the trick… it doesn’t hold your hand TOO much; it coddles you just enough. :wink: In many ways, although it has an entirely different shape, I find it reminds me of the El Ranchero during play.

I love it. I’m super glad I bought it. If you buy one, don’t expect it to be a miracle throw that does your tricks FOR you or never goes off axis, but expect it to be the pinnacle of “fun and manoeverable” meets “strong and stable”.

Might post a proper review once I’ve had a bit more time with it.

I think perhaps it is you that needs to grow up.

I shall be returning my Format C: due to the wonderful treatment that my question has received here. Thanks DB. That was certainly called for.