One Drop Format:C: A High Speed YoYo Review

The great alloy debate has been raging on for quite some time in the yo-yo community. There are people on both sides of the aisle evangelizing the benefits of their alloy of choice whether it is 6061 or 7075. Then there are people take the middle ground basically stating that it doesn’t matter what alloy is used, it is the designer that makes the biggest difference in the play of the yo-yo. One Drop has mostly worked with 6061 due to it being an easier alloy to machine and more importantly a less expensive alloy to work with which allowed them to pass the savings on to their customers. That being said, they have been working with 7075 for quite some time. All Side Effects are machined from 7075. They also released the GZR line of yo-yos, which used the exact designs and machine files to make a 7075 version of their existing 6061 alloy yo-yos. Now they have decided to make a new design from the ground up taking the higher density attributes of 7075 aluminum alloy into account. The result is the Format:C, with the C standing for Competition. I have been looking forward to this review since the Format:C was announced, just to see what One Drop can do when they start from the beginning designing around 7075 alloy.
Quick side note, this review is not going to be me trying to settle the alloy debate. Yes, I will be pointing out some strengths and weaknesses of 7075 but honestly I don’t care what the yo-yo is made of. As long as it plays well and doesn’t break my wallet it could be made of cardboard.

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Great review Chris!! I love this yoyo. Everyone who has played mine also feels the same…

Thanks for the great review I’m really interested in this throw.
I wanted to know tho… Does it feel kind of heavy during play?

Not at all, it is only 65 grams and feels light and nimble on the string. While it is 7075 alloy, Shawn and David took that into account at the beginning and distributed the weight properly.

Funny thing that I didn’t put in the review. While researching the Format:C I asked if there would be a 6061 version and was told that it wouldn’t happen using the current design, the yoyo would end up being too darn light. :smiley:

How would you compare it to the CHik?

I was hoping someone wouldn’t ask me that. ;D

Both have their pluses and minuses. The Chik has Side Effects and a better grinding finish but I think I may like the speed, weight, and feel on the string of the Format:C a little more. That being said the Format:C is a little over $30 more than the Chik. It is hard to gloss over just how much you get for your dollar when buying the $88 Chik.

In the end it is just an extremely tough call and I am glad I own both so that I don’t have to make the call. :slight_smile:

Anyone know the pricepoint and/or release date? Looks like an awesome yoyo, sounds like it plays like an awesome yoyo. Also heard it plays like a sleipnir, fast and stable, which was what really sold it for me :smiley:

Release date: 9/13/13

Price: $120

I should probably clarify some things since it was me that made the post of the Format:C and Sleipnir playing similarly. Honestly the only similarities these 2 throws share are their specs (format:c is 0.15 grams heavier), the shape, and the material used. Other than those features, the designs are completely different. With that said, they are different beasts. The sleipnir is a pretty solid feeling, fast player, while the Format:C is a light, fast player. One thing I can say for sure is that they are both yoyos you want to experience :slight_smile:

I have a Chik and enjoy it quite a bit. I was thinking of getting a new throw and wondered if this would be a good one to pick up, or is it so similar to the Chik that it might be better to try something different.

Oh, well if you already have a Chik then that makes it easier. :slight_smile:

Definitely pick up a Format:C. It is not like the Chik during play.

Still sounds good to me, I love light and fast :smiley:

And thanks Mgiroux! Will definitely be picking one up on black friday, hopefully there will still be some left :stuck_out_tongue:

I have recently said in another thread that the Format:C played unlike any other One Drop out there and was asked to clarify, figured it would be wise to post my response here case anyone asks in the future.