Palpitation vs Isotope 2 (Turning point yoyos)

Can anyone give me their opinion about this 2 yoyos? I know that the Palpitation is based on the
Isotope 2 and there’s a bit of change in it. My friend told me that getting the Palpitation is a better choice than the Isotope 2 and I’m curious why is it better (he doesn’t know of the actual reason why is it better). Opinions anyone? :slight_smile:

P/s: I’m not sure if this topic has been started before.

The palpitation is a slightly modified isotope 2. Takeshi matsuura uses the palpitation so I assume it is ever so slightly better than the isotope 2. But if you blind folded someone and let him play with both, he would not be able to tell the difference.

I actually wondered how the palpitation was different and I realised that there was a tiny extra step between the rim and the outer most step in the palpitation and no extra step in the isotope 2.

Get which ever you like the looks of most. If you don’t care about looks, get a palpitation. It’s comforting to know that you have arguably the best yoyo in existence (Arguably. It’s TP’s palpitation vs YYR’s Draupnir).

Also, Japanese throws FTW!

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palpitoad is too heavy for me

Just played with both of them earlier today (Releasing at YoYoExpert Soon!) and even though they look VERY similar they do feel and play different.

Palpitation is around a gram heavier and definitely feels heavier on the string but it seems to move faster and respond quicker.

Personally I like the slightly lighter feel of the Isotope 2, it plays a little more laid back feeling but still plenty fast.

In the end it’s all personal opinion, someone will always say one is better than the other. Go with whichever one you like best for whatever reason you want - Don’t just buy one of them because someone said “it’s better.” - Just my 2 cents. ;D


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this isn’t a frog forum.

It’s a Pokémon forum.

Any more thoughts and opinions on this?

I’ve played both. The palpitation and isotope are very similar. The only difference between the two that I noticed is that the palpitation plays like a Heavier Isotope, and that’s pretty much it. They both play excellent. It’s just picking whether you like a yoyo that’s heavier or lighter

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