Turning Point

What yoyo does Takeshi Matsuura prefer? Palpitation or Isotope 2
Which was used in wyyc2014 for 1a and 5a
I find different answers everywhere

Ok never mind.
The Isotope 2 was used to win JP regionals and the Palpitation was roughly the same but refined for his play and used in Worlds

That sounds right.


Honestly, there shouldn’t be a big difference between the two.

Doesn’t Takeshi have a signature yoyo with Turning Point though?

The real question is “Will it make you better if you get one?”

Takeshi used the palpitation for 1a. I assume he prefers it.

He used a leviathan 5 for 5a I think.

Heck yeah it will

yeah, the palpitation; was released after JN,
Then the shake, after worlds

Dang I want to save for a palpitation but the shake is the newest

I’m about to order the palpation I would love to try out their seeing on their website they sell but no way to buy them

Palp is probably-definitively better than shake.
Don’t get me wrong, i love my Shake so much, but newer dosen’t always mean better :slight_smile: