Leviathan 4 vs Isotope

Wanted to see your thoughts again, since they are the same price. Also, what do you think of the light version; is it less stable?

I love the shape and comfort of the leviathan but the Isotope is more stable

You have an Anglam CC that you say doesn’t sleep very long. Maybe you should work on throwing instead of making so many threads about buying other yoyos.


I am practising throwing, but I’m still thinking of my next yoyo. Also, how does the Draupnir compare to the others?

Save your money, there’s no point in buying expensive yoyos if you can’t use them to there full ability.
You’re just wasting your money buying high end throws.


It’s round and it spins. Go read reviews or buy 'em all to see.

If he wants to spend his money on expensive yoyos, then let him do so. It’s not your business.

I had the Leviathan 4B, the one who was said to be a one time-release at the time. Not sure if it’s exactely the same as the 4, though it wasn’t really worth the money. At all.

Wait, now I’m thinking the Draupnir but I’m not too sure because of polishing. Even if I get the red one, the rims haven’t been annodized, which is why I originally said no to it. Will it really be a problem?



Bump x2.

I’d probably get the Leviathan 4 Light if it was up to me. You’re not gonna find anyone here who’s owned both, so get whatever you want. Do you want full size or medium? Splash or raw? There you go, decide from there.

To me, performance wise, it seems like the Draupnir plays faster but is less stable.

lol why would you think that? Because one guy who’s been playing a few months said so? Who cares either way honestly. Just buy a yoyo, i promise it does not matter what you choose, no human being currently alive is a better player than any of these high-end yoyos, any of them will do everything you’ll ever need them to and more.

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Green Syzygy?

lol @ this thread.

Just pick the one that looks prettiest. I’m sure they all play great.

Or the blue… What do you think? Apparently the green is rarer (I think).

The green is a whole lot lighter so I’d buy the one that fits my preferences more

You want fast and light or heavy and most likely more stable

Blue is approx. 67.7g. Green is approx. 64.4g

Audley also just released the magnum which is marcus kohs news yoyo that you could consider as well

I think it’d be fun to just get a bunch of unique throws that never hit the bst like:

I find it easier with cases like these just to email André about it. He’ll play them (given they are in stock) and give you a professional answer about it.

How could I email him?