Debate players yoyos,draupnor vs palpitation(as people say these 2 are the best on the market),type of players…you got the ideea

Duncan butterfly all the way!

In general I like watching some of the big players for these teams! I like watching someone who can throw down a million tricks a second (at least for a while). Tech is really cool too to an extent, but just like speed tricks, it all looks the same after a bit.

never tried palpitation yet, but I don’t like the draupnir.

Nothing is wrong with the draupnir though, its just don’t suit my preference.

The Palpitation is ideal for tech. It isn’t fast but it handles horizontal really well, if that makes any sense.

The Draupnir is THE speed yoyo. It moves extremely fast and minimizes sleep loss during horizontal.

Both of them are insanely stable, agile and long spinning, but I’d still pick the Palpitation at the end. I prefer throws with more string presence. I haven’t played an Anubis yet so I can’t comment on it.