YYR Onslaught or Something Else?

Hi all, and thanks in advance for the advice!

I’m looking to possibly get a new throw to replace or complement my Draupnir as a main/go to throw. Since purchasing my Draupnir in 2016 (44 Clash edition - a little lighter in weight), it has never failed to impress me. I’ve appreciated the speed, floatiness, and forgiveness it provides, as well as the light feel on the string.

While recently watching Dylan Kowalski’s YoyoRecreation Lineup Comparison Video, he mentioned that the Draupnnir “felt a little older” when comparing it to the Onslaught. Perhaps ‘older’ will be my preference, but I figured trying a new throw is worth a shot. A year ago, I tried a similar endeavor and purchased the YYF Hummingbird. Unfortunately, while I did enjoy the smaller size, I never found myself wanting to pick it up instead of the Draupnir. It was a stable and fast throw, but felt a tad ‘clunkly’ to me compared to the Draupnir.

At the moment I’m leaning towards purchasing a YYR Onslaught, but am curious to hear if anyone feels a different yoyo may be a better fit.


Onslaught is not on the same level as Draupnir for me in terms of play. I would say hummingbird, flashback, OD Draupnir and sigtyr are the closest.


Overall, Draupnir plays better than Onslaught imo. Draupnir is very balance in almost all aspects in terms of playability, while I think that the Onslaught is kinda more “specialized” to accomodate Iori Yamaki’s extreme style (wider, lighter, and faster).

I think it will be easier for more people to accept and enjoy draupnir faster than onslaught.

Anyway, both are magnificent yoyos!


I love both, I feel Onslaught is slower but more stable than Draupnir. They play very differently tbh.


Iori uses Draupnir, I met him at worlds, it was fun!


Wow! To think he still choosee draupnir over onslaught on stage lol :laughing:
Draupnir rocks!!


Thank you for the insight! While I think the hummingbird is a good yoyo, it just isn’t ‘the’ yoyo for me. Do you feel that the flashback, OD Draupnir, or sigtyr are worth considering for someone who already owns a Draupnir? Could you picture owning any of those three instead of a Draupnir if you had to choose one?

Thanks for sharing your opinion! Are there any other yoyos on a “Draupnir level” that you would suggest trying that I could possibly enjoy equally or more than the Druapnir?

Based on your picture, I take it you enjoy the Onslaught! Given that I enjoy the light floaty feel of the Draupnir, would you suggest that I give the Onslaught or a different throw a try?

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Honestly everyone have different taste. Alot of people prefer Hummingbird over draupnir and other way around. Finding “the” yoyo for you means you need to try them for a period of time. No one is the same, for me personally I prefer draupnir over the other 3 I mentioned but you might be different. I think stick with draupnir is a good choice here since you find “the” yoyo already.


There are many options for great performing bimetals with >140 price tag. If you’re looking for one that closest to draupnir, we have Overdrive draupnir, hummingbird, TP bimetals like BGM or anubis.

Just like you, hummingbird is not suit my taste that well. So if i have to give my opinion, maybe Overdrive draupnir or turning point BGM will suit you. They are great yoyos. Just tried BGM recently and i enjoy it from the very first throw. They’re definitely not cheap tho, but yeah, they are worth every penny. :smiley:


What color is your flashback?

Oh hi man! Long time no see! I tried my friend’s flashback a long time ago for multiple times, his was dark blue.

I own : Hummingbird, Draupnir, Overdrive Draupnir and Onslaught.

I play at a lower skill level than others that prolly own the same yoyos.

I prefer the Onslaught.

If… I decided to sell one of those ‘4’, I would sell the Draupnir and buy another Onslaught.

…Just another personal opinion😳


Just bite the bullet and get both. That’s what I would do hands down.

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Could you send me his information? I’ve been looking for a dark blue flashback for a long time.

  1. Chopsticks Gorilla
  2. Peregrine
  3. Hummingbird
  4. OD Draupnir
  5. Draupnir
  6. Onslaught



I was looking for YYR at YYE shop, at this moment checking Anomaly and Inevitable, both at the same price tag.
Which one would you guys preffer? If a standard for comparison is a must, lets use “fun”.

Appreciate the feedback.

Personally, I don’t equate YYR with “fun” designs. I’m not trying to open the can of worms regarding the fun to performance sliding scale (or the fallacy of it). YYR are generally uncompromising performance beasts, with little regard for comfort or ‘friendliness’ (tight gaps, IR pads, tons of rim weight make for a dangerous combination).

That said, the Onslaught is my favorite YYR, but I wouldn’t classify it as fun compared to my other favorites. It’s light, fast, powerful, and absolutely controllable to respond precisely to every input. The Anomaly is far more comfortable and has loads of momentum, perhaps like a locomotive. The Inevitable plays somewhat narrow, but is probably the most well rounded of the 3.


Personally I prefer the anomaly over the inevitable since the inevitable shape is a big more aggressive and less comfortable in my hand.


Get an Onslaught. It is a great compliment to the Draupnir. Different; but still definitely on the same level. You will not be disappointed.

You might also want to try a Mowl Surveillance, if you can find one. It is a performance beast with similar size format to the Draupnir. Also, give the Duncan Haymaker X a try.