Igloo or Draupnir?

I’m looking to get one of the two. I’ve always been a die-hard CLYW fan, but I like the one YYR that I have and the Draupnir is all the rage for apparently good reason. Any suggestions?

Go for the Draupnir. The Igloo is excellent, but just isn’t on the same level of performance.

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Go for the Draupnir. The Igloo is floaty and very light on the string. The Draupnir on the other hand is a beast: light, powerful spin, super stable, and floaty. I’m already thinking of picking up a second Draupnir to keep around.

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I have a review on the Draupnir that you should check out. There I give a detailed review of it. As far as the Igloo, I just find it to be inferior. In a way I feel like the Igloo does not take the advantage of being a bi-metal throw.
Just my opinion though. :wink:

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Wow, this is overwhelmingly in support of a draupnir. Is yoyorecreation supposed to keep making them? I know YYE just restocked, but saving that $230 will take some time.


They have a website of their own, they usually let us know if a restock is coming.

I agree with you! I much prefer the Blizzard over the Igloo.

Have you tried the Valkyrie or Invaders Must Die? How do they compare to the Draupnir?

You can bet I have. I know it says my favourite throw is the Start The Riot, but I guess I changed my mind. Ultimately I like the Draupnir more. The Start The Riot is alright, but it is an attempt to market a Rebellion clone of the Draupnir. The Draupnir was made to be light and the Start The Riot does not live up to it. That being said the Start The Riot is more stable, however that is what throws like the Palpitation are for. So all-in-all I do find the Draupnir to be the definitive throw.
Now I am not a hater by any means, but please. The Valkyrie is a mediocre throw, my friend owns one but I just see no reason for its existence.
I state lastly to pick the Draupnir over the Igloo because you do not want to live knowing that “there is a better throw than the one you already own.” Believe me. :wink:


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The Fulvia BTM-R and Hideyoshi are often praised as being better than the Draupnir.

That BTM-R is nasty awwesome, but $500+? nope.

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All those Luftverk yoyos seem incredible, especially that one. Great story, too. They’re just too much at the moment, though. Any word on the Hideyoshi? It seems promising.

I tried a Hideyoshi. Yes I can say it is good, but I tried to like it and it just did not seem to appeal. Tri-metal throws do not make a difference compared to bi-metals if you ask me. Also I just do not feel like the Hideyoshi can go above the Draupnir yet, as yet it has made a title at any major contests yet.
I have not tried the BTM-R but I really doubt any yo-yo above $500 can be justified in terms of price. Ultimately though it is skill that matters most, I know I say it a lot but I feel like I can use a Magic Yoyo T5 and hit the majority of my tricks. :wink:
I am not going to say much more from here because ultimately it is your decision. Good luck as to what your future throw may be!

Totally disagree. The problem is not with the Valkyrie, the problem is the expectation that it should be like the Draupnir (which is partly YYR’s fault for how they marketed the Valkyrie). I like both a lot but for my preference for an everyday throw I would choose the Valkyrie instead of the Draupnir. Their prices are a different story, however.

For fun I’ll put up a review of the Draupnir with a comparison with the Valkyrie soon…