YYR Onslaught or Something Else?

I haven’t tried an onslaught yet, but I’ve had almost every other yyr bimetal. My favorite had been the almighty right up until I got the gorilla. My order right now, very subject to change, spots 3-7 are all so close it feels dishonest to order them:

  1. Gorilla
  2. Almighty
  3. Valkyrie
  4. Draupnir
  5. Sigtyr
  6. Anomaly
  7. OD Draupnir

Special case is the sputnik, which is probably the last yyr I’d part with, but is very different from all of these. Undersized organic high performance bimetal, there aren’t very many like it.


By OD Draupnir; I assume you mean OG?

I agree; there is a real difference between the first run and subsequent Draupnir runs. While the gap is tighter; the OG is definitely lighter and has more float.

They mean Overdrive Draupnir.


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