How good is the Draupnir?

It costs alot of money so I want to be absolutely sure it’s worth its price if I order one.

Anyone who has already played with it? What do you think of it?

Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s fantastic!

Plays super light on the string but has the stability of a much heavier throw. This makes it feel unlike anything else I’ve thrown.

I’m not sure any yoyo is worth $200, but if you’re willing to spend that much on one the Draupnir is highly recommended.

This is the yoyo to beat IMO. Ive tried some high end throws and this is the best in terms of performance. It also has a unique feel to it unlike anything else. Its light, and yet its still super stable and long spinning. And it feels so powerful when you throw it, its just something really unique about it. Its fast, its stable, its crazy fun.

What is your skill level

Currently I’m learning most of the advanced tricks here at YYE, but I can do some expert tricks like skin the gerbil or suicide.

Any yoyorec throw is used for extremely advanced competition play
I’m not sure if you are ready for a yoyorec
Maybe wait until your past the master level and creating your own combos

Do you have any other recommendations then? I really want to become better and be able to do these master tricks and combos.

There’s no such thing as needing a certain skill level to enjoy a throw. If this is the yoyo that interest you than go for it. This yoyo will not disappoint you since it’s so unique and plays so well and even if you do dislike it there’s so many people trying to get one that you could just trade it for another nice throw.


You’ve made 3 statements. I disagree with all 3 of them.

  1. Any… Extreme… play, etc. < that is an ‘extreme’ statement that is as incorrect as it is correct. All YYR play a little different. YYR basically established a certain ‘form factor’ and then just kept/keeps moving around their Formula for different effect options. Ya notice how most of their yoyos look related, branded or not? If only Yoers at extremely advanced stages of yoing, bought YYR yoyos, Sales would be pretty Sad, lol.

  2. Not sure if ready for YYR? < I think that is a very debatable subject. If true, it would prolly eliminate half the people in yoing today. Anybody from intermediate up, could have fun with a YYR Hot Rod.

  3. Wait until you are past Master Level? Bzzzzzzzt! Wrong answer, lol

I wish I would have read your advice several years ago when I started buying YYR yoyos. I could have saved a few thousand bucks, hahaha.

Nothing wrong with having an opinion or giving advice, but giving untrue advice is getting the OP nowhere.

That does not mean, ‘buy a Draupnir’. It just means that I would not discourage anybody from Buying YYR yoyos based on your view of the Product use Eligibility Requirements.

IE: extreme, master level, making your own combos, not ready for it, etc., < all wrong

Sorry. I’ve been around going on 16 years now. I just hate when somebody posts up information that is ‘extreme’ like your response.

Rosariyoyo, as soon as you started off with ‘any’ I knew you weren’t going anywhere ‘helpful’ lol.


The thing is, I’d rather like to have 1 high-end throw (that maybe costs alot) than having to buy multiple throws when I get better.

Having a collection would be awesome, but that costs even more.

I’ve certainly been put in my place

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That was not my intention, ‘to put You’ in your place. I am not your leader or your king. I am not your dad or your boss.

I just think it is important for anybody to understand, that advice should contain useful information.

Your response basically put the ‘Brakes’ on the OP. 1. Any YYR is made for Extreme play. 2. Not ready for YYR. 3. Get to Masters level/create your own combos(before you get a YYR). ???

I wasn’t putting you in your place. I was just suggesting your information was ‘in the wrong place’.

‘I’ do not play at Extreme levels. I am not at a Master Trick level. I have never created my own Exclusive original Combo. And I have owned YYR yoyos since there was YYR yoyos. And I have a Draupnir coming in the Mail. So, I guess I gotta Whole lotta yoyos that are Waaay beyond my actual abilities, hahaha.

Everybody takes turns getting put in the corner, including me. I may not even be smarter to you. But in Yoyoland, in this instance, I just have a Clearer view than you.

That’s all

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I’ve bought atleast 8 “extreme” yoyos in the past couple of months.

How long have I been yoyoing to need so many “extreme” throws you ask?

Couple of months.

I’m sorry yoyo gods but I’ve crossed the lines and used these “precious” gems of yours way too early in my quest for creating my own combos.

But even if you accept my apologies or not a Draupnir will make its way to my unworthy hands in the very near future. I just ask that you all don’t curse my strings with tension beyond my novice control!

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Honestly you’ve got the right idea. Even with the Draupnir you’ll crave other throws, but for sure a nice small collection of high-end throws is actually cheaper in the long run than lots of less expensive throws which you end up trading and selling at a loss all the time. Just in shipping alone i’ve spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars, that money could have gone a long way towards buying the high-end stuff in the first place, not to mention the stuff i sold for a loss. I love my Draupnir, and i think you’ll enjoy it too, so i’d say get one.

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No question; buy a Draupnir. It is an insanely good yoyo that you will not regret buying. I think many of us can speak from a position of owning many “high-end” yo-yo’s. The Draupnir is on the top of my list right now. It is a must-have.