Question about YYR


So I’ve been tempted to get a yyr throw for awhile, but never had the funds or means to get one. They all look great but I want some opinions on your favorite throw.


So i was like this for a while, but then i got a Mr. Butcher in a trade.

I thought they were magical, but i found out that they aren’t, don’t get me wrong but i had really high expectations.

It was really good! Just not worth the hype.


Draupnir if you can find one. I know one Japanese site that still has them but that’s it.

Laser is also good. Draupnir is better for 1A, Laser is better for 3A and 5A. It’s impossible to find new at the moment.

Their older designs are easier to find. A certain Japanese site still has most of them. I don’t know much about the old ones except the Stargeyser is a signature 3A throw and the Z-On and Mr. Butcher are signature 5A throws.


I haven’t thrown the Mr. Butcher, maybe it does suck. But you can’t judge the entire lineup based on one of their older yoyos. The Draupnir is absolutely worth the hype. I have a lot of high end Japanese yoyos and it’s my favorite for 1A.


Oh Yeah! I totally forgot about that, i meant to make my post toward the Mr. butcher, the Draupnir is amazing!

I have played a slipnier, triplet, draupnir, Mr butcher, and a diffusion. (sorry if i misspelled any of those).

But i still think That they are like CLYW in terms of hype, amazing playing yoyos, just get a bit too much pixy dust.


Many wars have started for less than that :slight_smile:

(major_seventh) #6

Brace yourselves! :wink:


To be completely honest I was disappointed by the Mr. Butcher.

The Overdrive however, was amazing to me. I had never had a faster yoyo. It actually sorta scared me.


YYR is overhyped (slightly) but not like CLYW. YYR actually produces some of the world’s best competitive yoyos. Draupnir is widely considered THE best 1A yoyo. It is a shame though that other companies producing equally good yoyos like Turning Point and yoyomonster don’t get much recognition here.


There are a few brands that receive all the hype, and everyone else is underated.


Well, it works the same everywhere, it has always been the same, nothing new here :slight_smile:

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The Mr. butcher is easily my favorite YYR. I don’t know how someone can’t like it. It has a perfect weight distribution and feels godly on the string. That’s a Yoyo I’d always recommend.


I know it may sound ridiculous, but I can’t like the Mr. Butcher only because of its name ::slight_smile:

(major_seventh) #13

lol I know where’d that come from?


Butcher sounds cooler.


Dr. Butcher.


It will never be Stargazer, Overdrive or Sleipnir cool :-[